Greatest Film Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Whenever you think of a film director do you ever really think about what they are doing? Yes, they have a camera and get all the good angles, change the spotlights on the main characters, and make sure everyone in they is supposed to be. But really there is so much more on the topic of film directors. Their job is so much more than what we are thinking of in our heads.


Alfred Hitchcock to the topic of film directors is famous for being known as the man who began the subgenre of ̈thrillers.

̈ His affect his audiences were created to draw them into the psychological perspective. Hitchcock puts a spin on his method of filmmaking. Alfred Hitchcock believed in the important use of screenplay. A screenplay is like a script in a movie, it sets the individual scenes of the actors’ movements and actions. This is used for not relying so much on dialogue and the screenwriter will have more options on what the actor should do instead of reading right from a script.

Hitchcock believed that the viewers should have an idea of what will happen in advance, sort of like dramatic irony but referring to a movie. Like in the movie Psycho Alfred Hitchcock produced in 1960, the viewers knew that there was something suspicious going on with Norman at Bates Motel and they could anticipate the actions and conclude that as the movie went on. Hitchcock used screenplay to figure out all the details and the mechanics in his films.

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The direction of Hitchcock’s films also made his style unique. The direction that his films took place in is considered the central idea of the filmmaking process. He has such a unique style that messes with the audiences and viewers which is always his goal. He achieves this by putting his concepts of storytelling into his films.

In the movie Rear Window, critics stated that it was one of the best films Hitchcock had ever produced. Everything that Hitchcock put into the movie will be reflected on the audience. Just think about it, if he uses more spotlight to create more shadows then that will show a creepier perspective in a specific scene. If he uses more music in dramatic situations that will create a build-up of adrenaline firing up the audience. By making the actors have so much expression on their faces adds more emotion to the films and reflecting that onto the audience makes it more dramatic. All of these are in the concept of Hitchcock ́s direction.

Alfred Hitchcock uses a lot of camera movement to put more of his unique style into his films. He uses these movements to make the audience feel like they are in the film. In the film, The Birds that Hitchcock produced in 1963 was a movie about birds unexplainably attacking people. Hitchcock uses bird’s eye view to show the intensity in these scenes. The movements can have a special meaning to some objects on the film, making some see more important than others giving viewers a hint about a situation.

Every little detail added with camera movement can have an eye-opening effect. Everything that Alfred Hitchcock does in his films makes them unique, whenever a premier pops up everyone would know that it was his. His talent in film directing has had a major impact on thriller and horror movies today. Showing people around the world the darker side and physiological perspective.

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Greatest Film Director: Alfred Hitchcock
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