Chesapeake Bay Chemical and Litter Pollution

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The following sample essay contains an essay on the topic of chemical and litter pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

The Chesapeake Bay is murky. It is polluted by chemicals and litter pollution. As the community that lives in the watershed, we must clean up the pollution and to stand up to the pollution and making it stop. The bays water quality has deteriorated and dropped significantly because of the pollution.

Special species have disappeared because of all of the pollution. In my opinion, the Bay’s water quality would improve if everyone participated in a water clean-up and prevented future pollution. The bay has been polluted by farms and companies using chemicals put in the watershed.The effect of this is the water quality. It’s at its lowest health review in all of its history. Third, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s mission is to clean and preserve the bay in a healthy form.

The bay is polluted, extremely polluted. Agricultural and industrial chemicals and being put in the bay.

The farms use chemicals to preserve and keep their plants alive from bugs and animals, so in effect of this when it rains in mass mounts, the chemicals are broken down and included in runoff into the bay. It would be key for the bays health if scientists found a non-chemical way to preserve the crops.Over 300 million pounds of polluting Nitrogen is entered into the bay every year. The nitrogen feeds the Algae, which in turn can be bad, because the algae takes up the sunlight and oxygen of the water so native plants and animals can’t live there.

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We need to find a solution for the national and worldwide problem of chemical and litter pollution. The effect of this pollution is the waters quality. The waters health has decreased and decreased until the point where it’s unacceptable. In the 1600’s the water was clean as can be, it was rated 100/100 on water quality/health.Now in 2012/2013 the water quality/health rating is 32/100. It seems that as technology advances, nature will disappear and will be taken over by industrialism and agriculture. 1/3 of the pollution is air pollution, 1/2 of the pollution is agricultural, and 1/6 is industrial.

Virginia, being the agricultural state it is, grows field crops, vegetables, tobacco, nursery products, livestock and even the bottling of many premium wines. With this being, you need to use chemicals to protect and preserve the crops. Virginia gets 42. inches of rain per year which washes away sediment, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and toxic medals. The water quality needs to improve. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is the Bays greatest hope to get healthier. It all started in 1964 when a group of business men saw the looming of the water and discussed with a Maryland official. They suggested that there was a public need for a dire( desperately urgent) change in the waters health. It’s been a helping hand to the bay for 25 straight years with its annual clean up. The foundations headquarters is in Annapolis Maryland which is a little way away from the bay.It is a non-profit organization that’s goal is to get a 70/100 on the water quality/health rating. Every year 6,800 people clean up to 150,000 pounds of debris and pollution.

My family participates every year and it’s our way of giving back to our community. So in conclusion, in my opinion, everyone should participate in an annual clean up the bay. The bay has been polluted by agricultural and industrial litter and chemicals. The effect of this is that the bays health is taking a turn to the unsanitary side. Finally, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is a non-profit organization to clean the bay and keep it clean.

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