Chesapeake Bay Vs New England

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New England and Chesapeake colonies became different because of three main reasons: climate, economical aim, and religion.In spite both of the regions being founded by the same people, Europeans, these areas became vastly differential based upon those three factors.The central difference was why people came to this land, the other factors developed afterwards from it.The regions grew so incredibly different; it was as if they were their own two different societies, having no link to each other. The climate of the Chesapeake region was usually hot and humid.

This area also has more people than New England, and with this weather, the transfer of diseases happens at an astonishing rate.Indentured-servants, among others, were dying at such a high rate, that by the mid seventeenth century, a little less than half of the indentured-servants had died before seven years of being in the Chesapeake.The climate of New England on the other hand was cooler and the work wasn’t as “back-breaking.

”Diseases didn’t spread like wild fire and also material profits weren’t on the top priority list for them.At one point, New Englanders were said to live a third longer than a Chesapeakens. New Englanders came here solely to be free of the persecution or just to have their won freedom of religion, because of whatever they were being faced with in Europe.They didn’t come here in search of material possessions, namely money.Even though, New Englanders made money, it was by no means their main aim; it was the aim of the Chesapeakens.

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New Englanders didn’t have such enormous farms as Chesapeakens; they called their large-scale farms, plantations.The Chesapeake region was over run with everyone trying to make huge profits in the tobacco business, in which they did.Whereas New England had no interest in the economical field, they just wanted a land to which they could accustom to and make only the c…

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Chesapeake Bay Vs New England
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