An Analysis of the Events That Influenced the Commercial Alliance Between Quebec and New England

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Events That Helped Events that Hurt Neutral Events 1647 – The Commercial Alliance Between Quebec and New England was good because it shows a business partnership between two sides. 1690 – The Iroquois Peace Treaty was a neutral event because it involved the British, Iroquois, and the tribes around the Great Lakes, it had nothing to do with the New England. 1755 – The Acadians being expelled from Nova Scotia was neutral because it dealt with the French Canadians being expelled from the Maritimes to other colonies, it did not affect the Americans.

1774 – The Quebec Act hurt relations because it enraged American settlers, and they considered the it one of the Intolerable Acts which contributed to the outbreak of the American Revolution.

1775 – The American Invasion Of Quebec hurt relations because the American forces invaded Canada, and tried to take control of Quebec. 1776 – The Declaration of Independence hurt relations because the thirteen colonies were part of Great Britain, but then separated and formed the U.S. 1781 – The Surrender at Yorkton hurt relations because British general Cornwallis surrendered at Yorkton after a siege by 16,000 American and French troops.

1783 – The Treaty of Versailles hurt relations because the Americans wanted Britain out of North America, but instead the British gave them the Ohio/Mississippi triangle, which was not what the Americans wanted. 1792 – Mail between Canada and U.S. aided relations because it allowed Americans and Canadians to communicate with each other while in another country. 1812 – The War Of 1812 harmed relations because the US declared war on Great Britain and struck at the only British possession on the continent, which was Canada.

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1814 – The Treaty of Ghent was neutral because it left the boundaries the way the were before the treaty. 1838 – The Battle of Windmill Point harmed the relations between the two nations because the American based Hunter Lodges raided Canada. 1839 – The Aroostook War harmed relations because the United States and Canada fought over the Maine-New Brunswick boundary. 1842 – The Webster – Ashburton Treaty helped relations because it settled the Northeast Boundary dispute between Canada and the United States.

1844 – The Fifty-four Forty, or Fight Presidential campaign hurt relations because it marked the beginning of the Oregon boundary dispute between the two countries. 1846 – The Oregon Boundary Treaty helped relations because it established a boundary settlement with which Canada and the US could live with. 1854 – The First Reciprocity Treaty helped produce a large increase in trade between the two countries. 1861 – The American Civil War was neutral because the war was only between the Northern states of the U.S. and the Southern states of the U.S. 1865 – The U.S. Congress Ends Reciprocity Treaty harmed relations because the treaty which helped increase trade between the two countries has ended. 1866 – The Fenians Raid on Canada hurt relations because the Canadian forces under Alfred Booker were driven back by the Fenians (Irish-Americans), at Ridgeway, Canada West. 1898 – The Gold Rush started competition between Canada and USA over gold which lead to Alaskan boundary problems wounded relations between Canada and the US. 1911 – The Boundary Waters Treaty was neutral because it just shows the concern of two countries over pollution of the Great Lakes. 1920 – The Volstead Act.

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