Personal Business Plan

Vision statement

To be the most innovative, ambitious, passionate and hardworking Emirati businesswomen, that is known for her successes and the change she did in her country. To obtain a good relationship with worldwide companies and represent them in the UAE. To be a leader that inspires others to think creatively and strive for perfection in their own fields. To be the same person at every occasion in life and stick to my true self. To tell the truth always and be honest about who I am and what I do.

To be responsible and own my actions and mistakes in every life situation. To love myself, my friends and family, and always forgive. To always stay loyal to others but most importantly to myself. To stay strong and never fear the future or how other people think of me. To never do something I hate and to enjoy the small things in life.

Mission statement

To establish the biggest marketing and event planning agency in the Middle East and North Africa.

To use my gift of intelligence and skills in inspiring my team to do more than what they thought they can do. To live a balanced and happy life with no regrets while applying ethical principles to make a difference, in addition to always absorbing and gain knowledge while learning from my mistakes. To constantly be striving to be the best version of myself to make my family and community proud.

Career and/or educational goals after graduating from Zayed University:

Goal 1: Find a job before the end of the year 2022, which is the year that I will graduate in, in the field of marketing and sales in a private sector company.

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The reason I am focusing on private sector’ companies is that they are known for providing great experiences and skills to new undergraduates and they also allow more freedom to the employees in creating and implementing their ideas at work, while government sector’ companies are known for having more routine and repetitive work. Most of the companies that I am hoping to secure a position at, are known for their international trade and having a very outstanding place in the UAE’s markets. At first, I will work at the private sector company for 3-4 years in order to gain experience and knowledge on how international businesses are done, how to build trust with global companies and also how to form and develop a wider circle of contacts to assist my future goals. Then I will move to a governmental company and work there for about 3-4 years more to apply my experience and skills that I gain from my first job and get a good position and higher salary that will help me peruse my next goals in life. However, before starting to find a job I should be more qualified, and that will be by working on improving my CV in different areas like having more summer jobs and more volunteering work in my free time during my academic years. In addition, I have also to improve my skills in using MS office software and other technical programs through attending workshops.

Goal 2: Get my master’s degree in business administration (EMBA) at Zayed University. In order to be accepted, I should finish my four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited university, I have to have a GPA higher than 3.0, an IELTS score of not less than 6.0 or TOEFL score of not less than 79. I also must complete some pre-program courses, have a recommendation letter and do an admission interview. The Executive master’s in business administration degree curriculum consist of a total of 36 credits, 33 required courses, and 3 electives. The program cost 128,000 AED and that include the textbooks and courses materials. I want to get my master’s degree in order to have a wider knowledge about the business industry and to have better job opportunities in the future. However, because of the cost of the program and the duration, I will apply after getting some experience in my work and having enough money in my savings.

Goal 3: Open an agency that is specialized in providing the best marketing and event planning services. The agency will focus on creating a platform to assist artistic and creative business and other industries to establish the best event that will attract consumers and benefit them. I thought of starting this agency because of my previous experiences in project management with launching my own small business that afterword fail because of my lack of experiences, my desire of helping other businesses flourish and grow and also because I want to help my community and emeriti women especially reach their dreams and make them to a reality. However, as I said my lack of experience was once the reason why I failed in my first business and for that reason, I need to develop my experience and meet more people who are experienced and share my ambition to make this agency work. I plan to start working on this project -the agency- after I get my master’s degree and have worked for at least 8-9 years because it requires a lot of experience and connections.

3 key questions that guide my choices.

  1. Question 1: Does this action go along with my values and beliefs?
  2. Question 2: Is this what I really want?
  3. Question 3: If I do this now will it affect me and my vision or my family in the future?

3 Examples from the Current Job Market and Opportunities

Example 1

A sales consultant at Dubai Investments Real Estate Company – located in Dubai.


  • Discovering and pursuing new sales prospects and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring meeting the set target by the Head of Department.
  • Working on complex and high-profile transactions.
  • Building long term relationship and originate new engagement and deals.
  • Working on a diverse range of real estate advisory and transaction engagements across a range of real estate asset classes and geographical locations.
  • Obtaining and responding to requests for proposals and assisting in building in-depth knowledge within the team across a range of real estate assets classes and markets.

(Job title: Sales consultant., 2019).

Example 2

A product specialist at Tesla stores and galleries – located in Dubai.


  1. Bachelor or master’s degree or the equivalent in professional experience and an extraordinary talent for sales.
  2. Experience of 1 year at least in Sales, Customer Service or Retail is a plus.
  3. Strong communication skills and customer focused.
  4. Strong sense of team mentality and reliability.
  5. Ability to work on weekends and at events.
  6. Positive, enthusiastic and passionate about the changes in the personal transportation industry.
  7. Fluency in English is required.
  8. Ability to understand and convey business issues and technical concepts.
  9. Valid driver’s license in the country in which you are applying, 2-year minimum driving record required with a clean driving history.

(Product specialist (UAE Nationals only), 2019).

Example 3

A junior marketing specialist at Azadea foundation – located in Dubai.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or equivalent technical degree
  • 0-2 years of experience in similar field
  • Fluency in English; Arabic is a Plus
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Strong knowledge of key marketing and advertising principles

(Junior Marketing Specialist – Dubai, UAE (Job #206409), n.d.)

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

Marketing positioning statement

For any outstanding, inspiring and creative company who is looking for an experienced, hardworking, self-motivated and well-organized employeeI am a skillful marketing and entrepreneurship graduate student from Zayed University that graduated with a high GPA, proceeded for a master’s degree in business administration and worked in several summer jobs and volunteering places to gain experiences in different fields. Want to have a position in your company to help your vision become true and serve your mission with passion and commitment

Unlike other undergraduates I have a diploma certificate in project management that I gained after establishing my first project with the help of Mohamad bin Rashid found for small and medium-sized enterprises.

I also can write, read and speak both Arabic and English fluently and easily, plus that I am working on improving my Korean to reach the same level as my mother language, which in the end make me a trilingual. I am a fast learner that can self-teach herself anything. With all of my skills I will serve the company well and help build strong relationships with my coworker and provide the best working environment ta all the employees.

Compelling value

I am a skillful listener, a creative thinker, that have time management, public speaking, organization, and planning skills. I can learn anything by myself and enjoy learning new languages. I love solving problems and finding creative solutions for them. I have great leadership abilities that made qualified to lead many group projects in my academic years. I can work well under pressure because that is when my best idea and creative thought come. I am very comfortable in competitive environments because I like a fun challenge that brings the best of my work.

What makes me different?

I am a creative and dependable person that is confident in leading and establishing projects due to my previous experience in project management and planning skills.

I am an ambitious person that can accomplish whatever I put my mind on, for example along with my knowledge of the two main languages that are taught in emirates schools, I taught myself a third language at home and applied for a professional level 1 exam and scored the first among those who applied.

I have several business-related skills like public speaking, having an excellent rapport with others and creative thinking skills due to my previous experience in attending workshops and entering contests on project management and self-developing.

Risks and Mitigation

What is success?

Success is accomplishing your goals while creating something that adds positive value to people’s lives and knowing that what you are doing is helping you and others live a better, happier and healthier life.

3 External Risks that might Affect my Success:

Not having enough money

Having enough money in my hand can give me the ability to take advantage of opportunities when they come along while being broke can limit the options that I can choose from. All of my goals in life need money to be pursued. For example, continuing my education needs money, I mean I need to consider the money I will be spending on the transportation and the payment of the program itself, and also put in mind that even if I was working at that time, my job salary won’t cover up all the payments and my personal needs.

Not having enough connections

Having a wider contacts circle can open doors for me, it can increase the number of opportunities that I may have in life career wise. Moreover, I am planning on working in one of the most competitive fields especially in the UAE, where only the most knowledgeable and experienced can survive and get the best salary and job. However, even if I was the most experienced and my CV is considered a masterpiece, without having contacts especially in the UAE I could be stuck in a waiting list for at least a year and maybe, in the end, I would not be able even to secure a job in any company that offers a good salary.

Not having enough skills

As I said before the more skills that you have the more appealing you will be. In a very competitive country, only the best of the best can get a job if I were selected that means that my level of skills and abilities had determined my quality and made me become more tempting and interesting to companies that they want to employ me and give the job. Furthermore, I should keep in mind that the better I get at what I do, the easier it is for me to move forward and prosed in achieving my goals and getting a job that I like.

(Personal Success moving forward, 2018)

3 Contingency/ Risk Mitigation Strategies

Because all of my three external risks that might affect my success are connected, finding a solution for one of them can help the other two. For those reasons, my three solutions will end up solving all three.

Avoid not having enough money:

To avoid this risk, I will start saving my salary and be more aware of my spending habits. I will open a saving account which every month I deposit ? of my salary to use it when needed like forgetting my master’s degree or in the far future opening the agency. Another thing that I can do with the help of my father is to invest in his company or by land and rent it.

Not having enough connections:

To avoid this risk, I will try working as an internship in multiple companies while finishing my bachelor’s degree at university to know more people and show my skills and capabilities at the same time.

Not having enough skills:

To avoid this risk, I will try my best to attend more workshops about different fields and skills, go through a couple of programs to help me learn more about the work field and also have more summer jobs. I will try focusing more on interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills as they are more required when applying to a job.

A Failure I have Experienced in Life

In my first year of high school, I opened a business with a couple of my friends, and we started in a small booth the shop at first got a lot of attention because of its strategic place. However, after 2 months of establishing it, we had to shut the shop down for multiple reasons like having problems with managing the number of items produced and coming up with new ideas to keep the business interesting for the customers. In the end, I realized that we failed in maintaining this business because of how fast we went through things without giving a second guess of the risks that we may face and not having future plans to keep customers coming. However, I believe that every failure is just an experience that I can learn from and what I learned from this experience and will apply in my future plans is to make sure to think things through when deciding anything that will have an impact on me in the future like choosing a job.


Ethical principles

In my daily life, I apply a lot of ethical principles without knowing like having integrity which means I always do what I believe is right even when there is a great pursue to do otherwise. I also show concern to others by being kind and caring and offering help and guidance to those who are sounding me yet that doesn’t mean I go easy on those who take advantage of me. Another thing that I have been always aware of and my friends always tell me is that I am the leader type, which means when I work in a group I always end up being a leader that take responsibilities and seek to provide a better environment to my team and help them do the best they can offer.

However, I am still working on other principles like always staying honest when sharing my thoughts about something, I am still working on that because sometimes I would be stuck in a situation where saying the truth or being honest can hurt the other person or make him lose his confidence in sharing his thoughts. So, what I am doing right now is that I analyze the situation before saying anything and if it is best, to be honest, to get the work done, I separate my personal life than my work life. Another principle that I am working on is respecting other. I always respect others but sometimes I take people judgments of my work too personal, and other times I get treated so badly that I can’t offer my respect to them. Still, I know that what I am doing is childish and I should start being the bigger person and learn to understand that I will face these types of people in the future and I should learn how to deal with them from now.

I believe that by considering these ethical principles as my beliefs and what I value in life, it will start being easier when practicing them. I also believe that dealing with different types of situation will help me learn more about people and whom I choose to be. In addition to that having a clear idea of what I want to achieve and how I want people to remember me for helps me remain ethical while making my decision for the time being and in the future.

My 2 mentors

Hessa Al Jaroodi, my mentor in the “Leading Steps” Project Management program. Hessa has a very broad knowledge of project management and how to be a businesswoman although she is a psychologist, writer, and an entrepreneur. She was the reason I choose marketing as my major, she helped me see the fun in establishing a business. Because of her guidance and advice, I become what I am today, she helped me sculpt my personality and the way I deal and think about things. I met her in my first year of high school, and since then I contact her whenever I need advice regarding my academic or career choices.

Amani Saif Al khadar, an assistant manager in “Nakheel marine group”. Amani was my trainer in my first summer job that I got before entering university. She helped me understand how work goes starting from preparing meetings and doing the paperwork to how they deal with costumers needs and provide the best services to them. I choose her to be my second mentor because I still am in contact with her and since I knew her, she always provides an assistant when it comes to my career life and applying for jobs in summer, she also showed me how to improve my CV and what companies usually look for when wanting to hire new employees.

My Personal Business plan in 6 words:

Be a leader not a boss.

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