Novel "Perla" by Carolina De Robertis

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Desaparecidos – Missing: So sober and simple Argentines named the people who left the military junta of their country disappear during the dictatorship from 1976 to 1983. A more accurate name them was not possible, because these people – in the end it should have been more than 30,000 – were removed without a trace overnight from the scene.

What remained to be done to the families left? were aware of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo , to share photos of their relatives untraceable show the mothers and grandmothers who appeared every Thursday on a central square of Buenos Aires; the white headscarves, which they wore, were an expression of its determination to never give up the search, and a symbol of their solidarity in silent protest against the regime.

After the end of the dictatorship came to light the way in which the ruling unwelcome citizens had stripped. They were abducted, kept in camps, tortured, raped, abused, and finally killed. From the first procedure was not disclosed before Adolfo Scilingo, a former lieutenant commander and pilot, talked about his own involvement – until 1995.

The prisoners were naked shipped in airplanes and far toppled over the sea from the sky into the water. The second concerned the children of the victims. They were her parents before they were killed, taken away and is childless officers families.

A documented case from 1976 combines both bitter motives. In February, only a few months old Victoria is kidnapped; a few months later the body of her father is washed up on the beach in Uruguay.

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Only when adults Victoria’s DNA is matched, only then she learns her real name, she gets her true identity. missing by her mother to this day each track.

Victoria and their fate could the author have served as a novel, because Perla grew up in a military family, and her dead father appears later again.  Before Perla is involved abruptly, she is a happy child. Sheltered life she grows in the household of an officer and finds that she had “lucky to have such parents.” In school, she learns for the first time some of those who have disappeared. In the family of her classmate Romina uncle for seven years “just go away” is “left the house and never came back.” . Rominas grandmother meets regularly with other women in the Plaza de Mayo to demonstrate with posters and photos to accuse the government and demand accountability.

Perla reported this at home, her mother Luisa reassured them: “Believe the lies about the disappeared … these people are hysterical not, they do not understand many things.” What should Perla because now believe? Visiting Rominas family Perla hear one day that “the worse years,” the dictatura are now over. But at home the repression continues: Since the TV is turned off, when reporting court cases when images are sent from mass graves – these were all “lies foreign forces”.

Perla builds her own, her. soothing world image. “The disappeared were still somewhere. Just not with us … A crack had opened up between our planet and another hidden world … they had fallen through this plan … trapped in another dimension.” In a school essay she it to develop a fascinating story of “ghostly people with the distorted mouths … the inhaled instead of air memories”.

While still buzzing in Perlas head mother’s words that disappeared hovered in the world around, but more and more doubts about this version Perla. The girlfriend is to spread too intelligent to mere fantasies. But Perla does not dare to clarify the dilemma himself, with his own eyes the demonstration of Madres to look with their white headscarves; it deviates from this confrontation.

The turning point occurs one day Romina having to be takes as Perla home. At first glance, the girl recognizes the proud officer on the silbergerahmten group photo in the study: “He’s one of them … your father” and she runs hateful it Bald find Perla in her physics book a ticket in. Rominas handwriting: “ARE YOU ALSO a murderer?” All of a sudden the suffering brings the other they are now, and “the crime of my father – and at the same time the nation, crimes that I had not put into words – rode on my back, wrapped around my shoulders, clinging to me and could not wipe it”.

Outwardly they are in a friendly and confident; inside they ashamed deeply. By being more mature, she thinks more differentiated. A psychology degree will help her to understand her father better (he becomes their “phantom patients”) and years later. To break away from him.

As a student himself Perla in love with Gabriel, an investigative journalist, whom she married later. He tells her about the Hijos , the children of the disappeared, and the secret adoptions. Could not be a Perla Hija ? The presumption shaken the relationship difficult, and it takes years to Perla is capable of their identity to be able to actually be überprüfen.Denn the Perla today, has to stop brutal truth of crimes against the Desaparecidos as part of learning to accept their ego. Her biological father, so she learns fell victim to a multiple murderer, a perpetrator, as her adoptive father was one of them but loved at the same time intimately.

In a painful, desperate process of self-discovery transposed Perla their thoughts in another, a fairytale world. Then one day is an emaciated, naked body soaking wet in the middle of the living room, according to “fish and copper and rotting apples” smelly, and the “stuck ashen skin kelp.” The man can barely speak, barely lifting his head, he just thirsty. In this ghostly scene from another sphere, the memories of the figure that comes from the depths of the water and with it one has become spill: stays in prison, the agony of torture, the naked human bodies on the plane, the flight across the sea, opening the tailgate, the fall in the depth … As drops fall the thoughts of his beloved wife Gloria, pregnant, tied to a chair – what has become of her and the child in this parallel fantastic? narrative makes the author extraordinary, reminiscent of formative moments in reading Isabel Allende “Haunted house”.

Carolina de Robertis drops in the middle of Perlas life her dead father from the sea as stinking, oozing character. Oh, it would be continued but, this nasty little, curled up like an embryo. Perla goes to college, but when they returned, it is still there. The man is watching, watching him. Each has his own thoughts. to recognize the other to accept to speak with him – that will be possible only at the end of the novel. The literary design fascinated alike: The image-rich, poetic language contrasts sharply with the brutal content full of degrading, inhuman violence.

About this mystical path can Perla to defeat her past demons.. Your pregnancy will receive a symbolic exaggeration. How Perlas egg was already present in Gloria’s womb that her child was already created in Perla, before it was fertilized. now that the nightmare is over, the dead father can go in peace, and Perla can put her baby into the world. Your child “is everybody’s reappearance.” In this context, the eponymous name of the protagonist wins a deeper meaning – the shimmering pearl, protected in a shell, salvaged from the depths of the sea.

“Perla” is a fascinating, literary perfect novel, the reader to the last letter tied holds and very enthusiastic his coherent pictorial design. Extra weight gives him the political-historical concerns of the author. Your accusation is justified, because until today the crimes of the past are not completely understood, and in many families the suffering still lives on. This book I have to my to the list 20 favorite books.

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