Youth And The Tasks Ahead

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Question and Answers of the Chapter ‘Youth and the Tasks Ahead’

Q1. Why does the author say that people who belong to his post independence generation should not take independence for granted?

We won our freedom after years of slavery and all this required great struggle and sacrifice.

The author asks the post independence generation to take care to avoid being easy and complacent. They should not take independent for granted because its maintenance is a more onerous task than its attainment.

Q2. The writer feels that the youth can be a great source of power to the nation. Why? Do you agree with him? Give reasons for your answer.

The writer feels that the youth can be a great source of power to the nation. If this power be properly channelized and they are helped to follow idealism and energy without being aggressive they can greatly help strengthening their nation.

They can then safeguard secularism and idealism on which a mighty nation is founded. I fully agree with the author. Indeed youth can be a great source of power to the country. They have to provide leadership in all fields of life. They have, however, to train and discipline themselves to attain the goal of nation building.

Youth Questions

Q3. “…… …. A mere desire to be a service is not enough, it must be …….

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…. ” what are the abilities the writer feels the youth should be equipped with to be able to serve the nation? Accordingly to the writer, the youth must equipped themselves with physical , mental, moral and spiritual abilities. Discipline and teamsmenship are required for all those intending to join the defence forces. Then they must aim at and strive to get academic abilities of the highest order in this nuclear era and must not indulge in purposeless and disruptive pursuits.

In addition, they must shun getting involved in partly politics and focus themselves on national development. They must also cultivate pure nationalism, patriotism and spirituality in order to be able to strive for peace and harmony among people following different faiths and religious.

Q4. “Having muscles of iron and nerves of steel” means It means, “Being both physically fit and mentally strong”.

Q5. Besides physical endurance. The author talks about three other qualities that are essential for the defence personnel. Which are they? According to the author, physical endurance is essential for the defence personnel.

There are three other things, which the youth planning to join defence forces must have. These three things are the qualities of discipline, team spirit and corporate progress.

Q6. “We live in a highly competitive age of science and technology and can no longer afford the luxury of mediocrity if we are to forge ahead. ” By this sentence, the author means that. The author means that we must be intellectually superior to make progress in science and technology.

Q7. According to the author, “those undergoing higher education constitude the privileged elite. ” Why does he think so?

And what does he expect them to do for the nation? The author rightly thinks that those undergoing higher education constitute the privileged elite. In a developing country like India, large number are still unable to acquire even primary education. The author is, therefore expecting them to repay their debt to society by not wasting a single moment of their academic life in futile or disruptive pursuits. On the other hand, they must do their best to become able and efficient in their respective fields of study so that they can serve the nation with greater ability and efficiency.

Q8. The writer warns that the educated youth must keep themselves away from some futile pursuits. ” What are the futile pursuits he is hinting at?

In accordance with the author, the educated youth must concentrate solely on the service of the nation and in order to make assure that they can do it effectively, the author warns that they keep themselves away from some futile pursuits’. He is hinting at getting involved in party politics and dissuptive activities, which lead to wasting their precious time and energy. They must keep themselves away from intrigues and other such absurdities.

Q9. What according to the writer is ‘crucial to the success of democracy’?

According to the writer, the educated youth of India must cultivate patriotism, which goes beyond pettiness and exclusives. And they must also be able to work mainly for national unity and national progress and all this, according to the writer, will help removal of corrupt elements and favoritism from India and activate the progress of economic development which is virtually too crucial to the success of democracy.

Q10. “All is contained in that one single advice”. Which advice of sri Aurobindo is the author referring to?

The author is referring to the advice, which Aurobindo Ghosh gave to students of the Bengal National College. He urged them to do everything, including suffering themselves, to serve India. By way of refreshing to this advice, Dr. Karan Singh advises the educated youth to hold service of India dearer than everything else. According to the writer, the youth must work so that India may prosper and suffer so that India may rejoice.

Q11. Why does the writer say that it is important to accept that all human beings are inherently divine?

In accordance with the writer, it is important to accept all human beings as inherently divine for such acceptance raises the dignity of individual and cuts across all narrow barrerrs and distinctions and enables us to live together in peace. It also helps us fight courageously for our freedom. It gives humans wisdom enough to live in harmony without hatred and ill will for one another.

Q12. “These may not be such to hit the newspaper headlines but it is solid and devoted activity………. a) What is the writer referring to in this line? b) What according to the writer will be the result of such an activity?

Answers: a) In this line, the writer is referring to those numerous avenues that are always available to our youth for national service. b) The result of such activity will be the real service of the nation, which can truly build the fabric of a great country as India. Q13. The writer lists out a number of tasks that the youth can take up for the progress of the nation. How does he suggest these tasks could be accomplished?

There are numerous tasks to be accomplished by our youth to be able to serve India effectively and according to the writer our youth will be able to accomplish these tasks if we organize a vast national youth movement transcending all political, communal, regional and linguistic diversities and than mobilize them for their success in all the dimensions.

Q14. Do you agree with the statement made by the writer that ‘The younger generation today faces challenges graver than any with, which their forefathers were confronted’? We as free Indians are at a critical juncture in the history of our nation .

I fully agree with what Dr. Karan Singh stated because our forefathers won freedom with great struggle and greater sacrifice. At present, our nation is suffering from narrow nationalism, nepotism and corruption which are threatening secularism and democracy and it is certainly a graver challenge at the face of our youth to fight with courage against these heavy odds since youth are full of bubbling enthusiasm and energy, they can do wonders and serve the nation by simply rising above party politics and desisting from getting indulged in such disruptive pursuits and by properly training themselves to overcome all challenges in fulfilling all the tasks ahead of them.

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