61 Significant Trends Lebanese Coffee stays ahead of the pack in

6.1 Significant Trends

Lebanese Coffee stays ahead of the pack in the neighborhood showcase, yet the coffee and moment espressos to have a promising future. The espresso scene has built up a ton in the previous 10 years on various fronts as per the 5 advertise players:

• The overall utilization of espresso expanded, as populaces developed and some tea-drinking nations joined the well-known espresso pattern.

• The quantity of espresso outlets, for example, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, developed considerably; so did their presentation of the pattern of cold espresso drinks.

• Coffee utilization ended up synonymous to “in a hurry” way of life of most of individuals who presently look for speed and accommodation in their selection of beverages.

6.2 The Lebanese Espresso Market

The measure of the coffee showcase in Lebanon depends on assessed figures. The coffee advertise involves the accompanying key, neighborhood players (merchants and makers) who were likewise mentioned in this paper, Illy, Lavazza, Nespresso (imported brands), notwithstanding Barista (broadly created and conveyed by Caf? Daniel), Gia and Il Gustino (both Caf? Najjar brands), Corso (by Caf? Super Brasil), and various littler suppliers including Kimbo, Vergnano, and Caf? Abi Nasr.

7.0 Business Presentation

Rafael Pi?era, Manager of Oquendo Coffee, said “I welcome this opportunity to tell you about our company, even though I believe -and no doubt you will agree with me- that an even better way to do so would be over a cup of freshly-brewed coffee.

In my opinion coffee is much more than a mere beverage. It presents us with an opportunity to interact with others and make new friends.

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Coffee is the perfect excuse to enjoy a break and recharge our batteries. It marks the commencement of a hard day’s work, the delicious finales to a meal and the initiation of a long after-dinner chat. Coffee is your loyal companion as you leaf through the paper or engage friends in stimulating conversation.

No matter what the occasion, at Caf?s Oquendo we strive to produce quality coffees conscious of the unique circumstances in which each cup of coffee is consumed and of the satisfaction provided by its aroma, taste and creaminess.”

As it is clear, and behind what was mentioned above in the paper. Oquendo has a both a brand name and image abroad, but clearly lacks it locally because of the dominance of the Lebanese coffee, for what it holds of sentiments for the seekers.

As mentioned earlier, people are shifting towards an easier and quicker option, the espresso, which is directly on their way, a fact that could help Oquendo reposition itself among the list here. To do so, Oquendo has to go through a branding strategy to help the consumers remember who they are, and even find their existence in the local market.

As other coffee brands do, they not only use social media platforms to reach out the consumers, but rather find them at the sale points. And this is the targeted point to Oquendo.

7.1 Positioning Oquendo in the Lebanese Market

There has to be strategy developed so to have Oquendo compete with other brands in the Lebanese market. Thus, certain measurements have to be noted:

• Going around universities In Lebanon, and distributing testers to students who are the ones leading the shifting trend, where they can spread the word of mouth about this coffee and influence others to buy, and can even ask about its selling point. By far, that was recorded to be the best method to reach the students, a large target segment.

• Other methods might be having offers at the big supermarkets, as Carrefour and Spinneys, where with every 50,000 L.L purchase, a free pack of Oquendo caf?, will be distributed to the customers, so to make the households have Oquendo at their homes.

• Establishing stands at the mall, offering testers and free samples to customers around to taste the coffee and urge them to have a pack from the supermarket ahead. It is not guaranteed that people will go into the supermarket when going into the mall, so it is preferable to have these stands around.

• Displaying the packages at the mall in a creative way to grab the passing people nearby and have them come to the stand to check what it is about.

• Offering restaurants to advertise the caf?, free cups and saucers with Oquendo’s logo on them, so to help them memorize the name when ordering their coffee.

• As for the public cafes, again, with their purchase of Oquendo, they get free samples of paper cups with the logo on them, allowing the customers to order it again when knowing the name.

• Pop up ads on YouTube and other search engines would help consumers remember the name all the time, because this has been recorded to be an effective way to do so.

• Sponsoring on Instagram would serve the same aim, where again, it would be all over the news feed of Instagram surfers, especially those whose search interests are somehow related to beverages. Filtration in this process is a must, to be able to clarify the right segment to target and try to do so through such a platform.

• Facebook posts and ads would supplement the above points, to cover the social media platforms and have a wider segment of consumers.

All the above are basic steps that have to be taken into consideration to regain Oquendo’s position as one of the leadings in the espresso field, and have it compete and other brands.

7.2 Brand elements

After going in details about the brand in general, the Lebanese markets lies here, where Oquendo Caf? has to adapt to Lebanese entourage so as to fit in and blend. That’s why the brand elements will be covered in what follows:

7.2.1. Brand Identity

Oquendo Caf? is a Spanish coffee brand that has managed to take part of the daily life of Europeans but not the Lebanese. But now, with the preference of espresso, Oquendo will be able to create its own identity in the local community as a high quality espresso coffee, thus standing before other types of espresso. With the right strategies implemented, Oquendo can formulate a position in the market with its identity.

7.2.2. Brand Image

As a first impression, one would think of Oquendo as a Spanish coffee brand, but looking at its package, and having the senses indulged in tasting it, would enhance that brand image and shift it off the shelf. That’s why the packages of Oquendo are attractive and different.

7.2.3. Brand Positioning

With the shifting trend towards espresso and fast coffee, Oquendo has the chance to position itself in the local market. As it is known, Najjar Rakwa belongs to Caf? Najjar as is the same for Barista, Illy, and other espresso brands. So it would be perceived that they have the same taste as their originals, the traditional Lebanese coffee with a difference in the medium in which it is served in. This Spanish coffee, will maintain another position for itself in the espresso field, knowing that it is a success abroad.

7.2.4. Brand Personality

How does Oquendo portray itself in the market? Well, this has to be referred to the consumers and how they do perceive the espresso coffee. What Oquendo is trying to show, or build up, is an authentic and excellent quality espresso coffee that would help people interact with each other as Oquendo’s manager pointed at earlier. It helps people engage with the coffee and of course with each other talking about a common ground, Oquendo.

7.2.5. Brand Equity

Coming to brand equity, it covers the above graphs that covered brand resonance, judgements, and its perception map in the market. All of the graphs summarize its premium value in the market compared to others. Right now, Oquendo is a brand that has been present in the market for long, but had been absent off the minds of local consumers. That’s why, Oquendo has to work hard to regain a premium position in the market and be able to compete with others to overcome the minimum line.

7.2.6. Brand Experience

Nothing but indulging all the senses, is considered to be the experience when having Oquendo. As mentioned above, the taster/ consumer would have enjoy having this sip of coffee upon having a service on the other hand. Starbucks offers a personalized service, high quality coffee and products, and of course a comfortable zone for a person to sit in and interact with others. And so Oquendo has to do, where for the consumers to know the brand more, it has to not only give away coffee but rather a supplementary product from Oquendo. That way, people will get to know the product variety and would approve such an offer.

7.2.7. Brand Differentiation

The urge to be different, and follow the ongoing trends in the market, led Oquendo Caf?, to develop different categories other than coffee that extend to Oquendo Bio, having natural elements, tea, sweets and much more, so to expand the target segments and satisfy the needs of the surrounding communities.

7.2.8. Brand Communication

This elements is one of the important ones in branding, by which the company has to inform the consumers about the products, along with enriching them with the information, enlightening and persuading them with the values and offers of the product, and the purpose behind designing it out.

Talking about Oquendo, it would have been a loss if the rich Asturias coffee beans were not introduced to the consumers. That’s why, it is quite important that consumers know more than the taste, but know the origin and story of these products, for the Arabs, would like to listen to such things, a fact that shall be focused on at the mall while trying to give away the samples for passing by people.

Developing a rich content on social media, shouting out with strong messages, and effective copywriting, would be the perfect way to communicate and have the consumers engage with Oquendo. A will to have Oquendo compete with the Lebanese coffee in the market would be considered hard, unless an adaptation was made so that it would fit between them on the shelf. The package design won’t be changed so not to lose the identity, but the marketing has to be close to the local mentality and perception.

7.2.9. Brand Gap

This is a way to bridge the distance between business strategy and design, where the customer would like to know everything about the product and brand before purchasing it. And with the emergence of the internet and its facilities, it is quite easy for everyone, to check the profile of any product online. Clearly, the salesperson has to be clear with the customer and truly reflect the value of Oquendo, by going over the origins, an overview, package, different categories, and much more. Credibility is what matters to every consumer. This gap can be bridged when the local community accepts having Oquendo among the important brands in ins market, and have it offered in restaurants and cafes as a sign of approval from managers’ views of a good quality product.

7.2.10. Brand Extension

Oquendo Caf?, isn’t only a coffee brand, but it extends to have tea, organic coffee, whole bean coffee, capsules, biscuits, sweeteners, condensed milk, and other products. That extension shows a fore vision of the company itself, to go over the needs of every area it is targeting and every segment to be able to provide them with what they need, even the biscuits along the coffee and tea. One can have what he wants exclusively from Oquendo. Those extensions can be all displayed ahead of the local citizens so they can get introduced to the whole variety and not only coffee.

7.2.11. Packaging

Branding package is a way to promote the product, via logo, colors, design, visuals, fonts, and of course the material. All would communicate with the customer. Oquendo is known to have a new package design on every occasion especially that used to fundraise for women with breast cancer.

o Mara Rodriguez, one of the package designers, and about the packaging, said:

“For this design, we play with 3 main elements:

An espresso coffee cup with the final product as a main element, distinctive and common to all products, to attract the consumer attention.

A line illustration of the characteristic flavor element of each capsule, using the technique of chalk to give a touch of quality to the final package: hazelnut, wild berries, cinnamon or vanilla.

A saturated color bottom part that makes reference to each flavor element (ex: purple wild berries fruits), which identifies the flavor and stands out against the black background, making it easier to differentiate each product.

In addition, we use a brush script typography that combines with the illustrations, and sans serif typeface that contrasts with it and gives the whole packaging a touch of modernity.

Thus, we generate a serious composition, according to the type of product there is inside the packaging and a touch of bright color that shows the different varieties and encourages the consumer to taste all the flavors.”

o Mara as well had the Christmas limited edition package done, and about it said:

“Funny and sweet design for this special coffee that will wake up your Christmas feeling. We have included an illustration of Santa Claus in a coffee cup carrying all the coffee to all the warm houses around the world.

We have used a curly script font to make the design look as a special edition, and we used navy blue for the background in order to doffer a little bit from the typical red Christmas packaging.

We have also designed all the elements of the advertising campaign as sugar sachets, posters, display packaging and so on.

o As for the third package, Olaramara Design in Spain, said:

One of the most important projects that we have worked in until now. New packaging design for Cafes Oquendo’s Limited Edition. A new fundraising campaign to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. We have created a very feminine, smart and romantic packaging detail to all women around the world. Join the cause #oquendosolidario”

Based on the above elements, one cannot but take them into consideration, to set ahead a branding strategy to reposition it correctly in the Lebanese market. Every elements shall be focused on and studied in depth to know how to tackle each based on local perceptions, and in a way that would allow the locals to purchase Oquendo products. Again, people now do care about the origin of the products and how they are made, which is an added value to Oquendo for being of Spanish origin, and has a creative way to be roasted and delivered to the customer.

8.0 Conclusion

As distinguished all through this paper, Oquendo Coffee has achieved certain components with the brand improvement phase with both potential and current shoppers. Oquendo Coffee has accomplished a state of brand mindfulness, as it is effectively perceived and reviewed by buyers inside Spain (Rubio, Oubi?a, J and Villase?or 2013). Be that as it may, more prominent brand mindfulness could be accomplished through growing the brand broadly, especially Lebanon. Concerning Oquendo Coffee’s image decisions, the nature of the espresso beans is viewed as high, just furnishing shoppers with occasional, morally redistributed espresso beans that are simmered and prepared nearby; this is an incredible quality of the brand. The brand situating distinguishes Oquendo Coffee as being genuinely costly in connection to their principle rival Najjar espresso, which likewise offers morally exchanged espresso beans. Oquendo Coffee should attempt to diminish the cost of their espresso to increase upper hand. The believability of Oquendo Coffee is still particularly in the creating stage; be that as it may, through their inventive plans and market administration in the moral redistributing and customer communication with the classes they offer, the brand can possibly move towards market ability. The predominance of Oquendo Coffee abroad is another key quality of the brand, and making consistency and basic marking draws in shoppers’ consideration. Oquendo Coffee should attempt to execute and incorporate conventional types of media to help their present online networking connection and give shoppers more noteworthy mindfulness. Oquendo is a moderately new brand that has numerous qualities through their marking; anyway there are numerous regions of shortcoming that could be changed in accordance with make openings in which the organization could improve their general marking methodologies.


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