Winston Churchill: Difficult Tasks

Difficult tasks in our day to day duties occur to test the limit to our capabilities, and pursuit of these tasks is always satisfying in the end. Winston Churchills comment on the difficult process of painting which at the end is fruitful not only applies to painting, but also applies to all difficult tasks in general. We all have to undergo many difficult tasks in our lives which often test our survival capabilities and are the defining moments to our success.

I believe that there is great value in attempting difficult tasks and the end result is always satisfying as it defines our capabilities.

The different goals we have set in our lives are achieved majorly by undergoing difficult tasks. As a senior high school student, one of the most difficult task is to take college entrance examination. I set actions according to the task and I met with lots of challenges during the process. For example, when I have to complete huge amount of difficult homework within several hours, the goal I set is how to finish them on time.

Additionally, the education system is a long difficult period of challenging events that must happen to everyone as he or she grows older. The completion of these studies is at times very difficult as it takes a quarter of ones life. However, it is truly rewarding in the end as it opens the doors to success through the acquisition of knowledge. Therefore, difficult tasks are the defining factors to success and the achievement of all goals in life.

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In my opinion, we keep avoiding tasks simply because we are too afraid to stand up and face them. This fear leads to an increase in the number of tasks we have to accomplish as they pile up. I think the best way to undergo difficult tasks is by splitting them into smaller components and undertaking them one by one. I have encountered this often when studying for exams in school, especially the end of semester exams.

The exams are often too difficult to attempt. Moreover, it appears tedious to study in preparation for the exams. However, splitting between the subjects and studying them one by one simplifies the task. I have also discovered that many novels are made up of many pages which at times get to a thousand pages. It is often hard to read this kind of books, not to mention understanding the text. Authors tend to simplify this by subdividing the text into different chapters based on the storyline. This chapters enable one to read easily through the novel to the end and understand the story.

Even as all difficult tasks appear to emerge into a successful end upon completion, it is not always the case. Not all difficult tasks, according to my personal opinion, lead to a valuable outcome. A lot of people experience this especially in their line of work as they work too hard only to earn less amounts as compared to their input. The results are often poor compared to the expected outcome. A solution for this is working smart rather than just working hard.

In order to pass in school, one has to work smart and focus on the important factors. Software companies come up with extremely intelligent algorithms by working smart and focusing on a certain niche. Working hard in such companies is just not enough. What matters is the final product regardless of the hard work contributed in the process. Working smart is, therefore, at times better than working hard as it brings value in difficult tasks.

There is lots of value in performing difficult tasks and seeing them through to the end as they bring fourth success and a sense of satisfaction. Winston Churchill once commented that as you stretch out the ever-lengthening and difficult task, you often feel that you will never get to the end of the journey. However, as you turn away from that discouraging fact, you realise that the task adds value through joy and glory to the journey that seems impossible to conclude. This is a great topic which is based on an issue that many people undergo. Reviewing this topic will surely help many people in their lives as they undergo various difficult tasks.

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