Why Teenagers Act Crazy

Adolescence is usually seen in our society as a period of emotional drama and troublemakers teenagers, there is a psychological explanation for this. First of all, during adolescence teenagers go through life changing events like starting to separate from their parents, trying to fit Into a social group and figuring out who they want to be and what they want to do In their lives.

All of this causes a lot of anxiety, but there is a psychological reason for this: the development of the brain during this lifetime causes teenagers to experience more anxiety and fear and they have a reader time controlling this than children or adults.

During adolescence the magical (part of the brain that processes fear) develops before the frontal cortex (part of the brain that controls reasoning and executive control) this means that the brain at this stage has more capacity for fear and anxiety but Is underdeveloped for calm, reasoning and moderating emotions.

The magical and De frontal cortex work together in certain events, the magical responds to fear by sending an alert to the frontal cortex which re-evaluates the situation and calms down the brain if there is no danger ahead.

Studies made in We’ll Cornell Medical College and Stanford university show that when adolescents were shown fearful faces, they had exaggerated responses in comparison with children and adults. Not only are teenagers more fearful than calm, but they are also risk takers.

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This happens because the brain’s reward center also develops before the frontal cortex, this makes teens have a riskier behavior.

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It has been learned that this anxiety is not easily treated with psychotherapy and also, adolescents shouldn’t use stimulants because this worsen anxiety. These problems sometimes affect adolescents, even eater on as adults, causing anxiety disorders. Even though this can happen, most adolescents learn to deal with anxiety and modulate fear as they grow older and the frontal cortex matures.

The brain is destined to work a certain way according to its life time, during adolescence the magical is more developed than the frontal cortex and this causes more fears and anxiety but teenagers arena ‘ t capable of moderate their emotions and stay calm. This should period of anxiety and fears be considered by adults, adolescents are supposed to go through this to learn gradually how to control fear and anxiety. In his developmental theory, Jean Pigged explains exactly what we Just discussed.

To be able to learn, our brain has to go through different development processes. During the brains maturation processes (growing up), we cannot undertake certain tasks until we are psychologically mature enough to do so. Erickson divides life Into several stages, he states that adolescence begins at age 12 and ends at age 18. The basic conflict of this stage Is Identity vs.. Role confusion. It focuses In social relationships; Teens need to develop personal Identity, becoming who they want to be.

According to Erickson, success leads to an ability to stay true to yourself, while failure leads to role confusion and a weak sense of self. As we have learned before, this process of finding yourself and developing personal Identity causes mayor anxiety on teenagers, but we already know that Its because of a Drain process. Personal Gulled This is my last high school year; it means that I’m going through changes growing into adulthood. This changes lead to maturing, having more responsibilities and undergoing a lot of pressure regarding decisions about my future.

Now that I have dead this psychological explanation to a lot of the anxiety that I may feel this year I realize I have to learn how to deal with stress, fear and anxiety to try to stay as calm as possible and successfully complete this last year of high school. I plan to give school the amount of time and focus that it needs, but also enjoy this last months to spend time with my classmates and friends that I probably won’t see often after we graduate. As long as I manage correctly my time and accomplish the goals that I set for this year I will be satisfied with my results and I will be ready to enter the next stage in my life.

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Why Teenagers Act Crazy
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