About My Relationship With Crazy Man

When my fiancé of two years – for four years together – insisted that I cheat and lie to him and threatened to break up if I had not confessed and apologized.

Since I have not cheated on him and never – I work in four jobs and am only busy – I declined. And of course he broke up with me. Without evidence, just with his ‘sixth sense’, he decided that I was cheating and he was right no matter what.

It didn’t matter what I said.

No matter what I did; As for him, I cheated and there was nothing I could do to convince him otherwise. I just told him if he thought I was cheating, he should go. He held on to it and I was just telling him to leave me alone that I was tired of his insecurity and the constant accusations and suspicions as well as the questioning and persistence that I cheated, so I gave up.

That kept him dead on track. He asked me if I really wanted that and I said no. He clearly wanted that and if he wanted to be free, I released him.

So he accuses me of wanting to leave him for another man. I told him I don’t want another man, I’m just tired of the way he refused to trust me. He says I never gave him a reason to trust me, and I tell him that he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore and that I’m done and the conversation is over.

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Of course he calls back. I didn’t answer. He writes to me. I do not answer. He sends me a message on signal and tells me that he believes me and knows that I am not cheating on him. I tell him it’s a little late and he should leave me alone. He cries, but I don’t care because he has brought tears to my eyes over the years about what we have been arguing about. I tell him I’m done, I’m tired of being accused or told that I’m cheating, and that if I tell him that I’m not cheating, I’m lying. I told him that I’m tired of fighting all the time and we just have to go our separate ways.

And that was it. I stop answering his calls, ignoring his texts and messages. He’s still sending messages, but I’m not reading them. And I won’t do it either. I don’t want to delete the app because I have friends, but I will if I have to. A day has passed since his last message and I have no desire to contact him, it just has to go on without him. He was crying, but I couldn’t let him suck me in again.

I hurt but for a different reason. It hurts because I wasted years with a man who was convinced that I had betrayed him in the whole relationship, who never trusted me and I let this man into my life. He tried to cut me off from friends and the world and I didn’t want to let it happen. Dancing is no more important than he and my friends, but I didn’t want to get lost when I tried to be with him, and I was slowly disappearing.

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