What To Expect in an English Class

What I Expect From This English 103 Class Students need to do a lot of reading and writing in higher level English classes. But what makes English 103 unique I believe, is the intensity and the depth of reading materials required. I needed this class because it is a prerequisite for me to enroll in the University level English course. I finished English 28 and English 101 last year and as I reflect, both English subjects were both hard as they demanded time and discipline.

According to the syllabus and course description, English 103 also squires extensive reading and writing using argumentative essays and the final paper submission must be at least 95 percent free of any grammatical errors. In this course I expect that there will be a lot of work because of the reading, analysis, and writing requirements. When I previewed the modules in the Études website, it is obvious that reading is the first main activity in this English course. The materials are varied and nothing I have encountered before.

I presume they are modern and intense.

Students are expected to apply critical thinking to analyze the material promptly. I have a part- time Job as a caregiver for a stroke patient earning minimum wage. In this Job, a college degree is not required and I do not need to be a trained “reader” because the nurses take care of the medications and medical reports. It dawned on me, that to achieve a step higher from where I am, I have to finish a college degree and that meaner I have to acquire the skills to be an efficient reader.

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This course will prepare e for complex reading materials I may encounter in the professional world such as medical or business reports.

The story of a man named Anthony Robbins inspired me in the passion for reading. He loved to read so much that he finished and absorbed a book in one day. He did it for seven years and end up starting his million dollar company at the age of 24. In his speeches, he shared that when he read it’s like absorbing the experience of the author. I heard my boss saying at one point, “It’s either we spend many years of committing the mistakes and discover what works or e read other’s experience and learn from them. Life is and will be full of challenges; because of that, we get the benefit of acquiring wisdom by reading. Anthony Robbins never finished college. But in spite of that, he is now one of the most sought after motivation speaker to some of the top 500 Forbes companies. English 103 is a course that would sharpen and give me the exposure I need to broader and deeper materials. The next skill I expect to be sharpened in this class is the ability to organize thoughts and ideas in preparation to writing.

Based on experience, when my mind is cluttered it is very difficult to write. In fact creating a draft is what best works for me because it focuses my mind to think in a specific direction. I expect that there will be a lot of brainstorming and drafting wherein an outline will be required. Those thoughts organized and written will serve as the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay that I need to write at least every two weeks. I expect that there will be many corrections in my grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

I know that writing is a tool to communicate and Moreover, in this course, I will be trained to create interest for my target audience. And in order to do that I need to: convince, sympathize, inform, and argue. The writing skills I will learn from this course will help me in the future to write effective emails, post comments, write proposals, and so much more. It is crucial that I learn this communication skill because it will either make or break my career in the future. Skilled writing can save time when written clearly to give instructions.

The use of transitional words is also important to provide smooth flow from one idea to another. It is important to connect the ideas we have instead of the isolated thoughts here and there. In addition, I expect to comply by using correct margins and indentations in my papers. While all ideas borrowed in the text must be cited. I expect that there will be lots of revisions until the tutor advise me that my essay is at least 95% free from grammatical and structural error. To pass this course, I must be disciplined and be able to manage my time wisely.

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What To Expect in an English Class
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