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I Have English Class Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Albert Einstein

I have come to discover that success is not just an event, rather, it is a series of events. When we say that someone is successful, what we often see is the eventual outcome of what has transpired in the secret. Fundamentally, success comes as a result of everyday events. Nothing captures this better that the words of Albert Einstein who said that “Genius is 90 per cent perspiration and 10 per cent inspiration”.Consequently, I approach all my courses in this manner. For me, an A in the English class is a reality because of what I have sown into the course. Therefore, it will be no surprise to me if at the end of the year I have an A in the English class. I say this because of the following reasons.Firstly, I make sure I attend all classes in the course and if for any reason I can not attend, I make sure I go through the class note and course material used while I was absent from class. Apart from this, I make sure I read ahead of the class so that I can comprehend what the teacher is teaching. Also, I attend tutorial classes that are organized by the class and I do not miss any discussion class in the course.Furthermore, I understand that I will be impossible for me to pass a course without developing interest in the course. In view of this, I make sure I developed a unique interest in the English class and I make sure I keep my notes updated at all times. When I get home, I review what I have learnt in class and this has helped in making me have a better knowledge of what has been taught. In addition to this, I have registered for some online tutorials where I have access to various materials that explains what we learn in class better.In conclusion, I believe that failure to preparation is the key to all successes and so I test myself intermittently in order to assess my level of preparedness and how much I have learnt in the course. My perspective of the English class has changed and this has helped me in having a positive attitude towards learning generally. Today, I can say that English is not only a course to me, it is a platform for me to equip myself for the challenges ahead.

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