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Water Conservation Satire Paper

There has been a severe drought that plagues the Social region and much of the entire state of California. Water prices have increased to unforeseen highs and the government unsuccessfully attempted to regulate the frequency at which our sprinklers feed our thirsty vegetation. Would like to offer a more effective solution to this problem, because the key to water conservation is starting at home. Men, women, children, and even pets (which we will not account for, even though bathing animals exacerbates the problem) all require frequent thing, which is the sole contributor to our drought.

Men tend to take quicker showers, approximately ten minutes each, while women and children can last for up to fifteen minutes or longer per shower. Considering the average five minute shower requires twenty five gallons Of water, and each human showers once a day, an average family of four, consisting of a man, a woman, and two children, will consume 50+xx=275 gallons of water per day. Only about ten cups of water are necessary to satisfy daily drinking requirements per person, and the amount of water used in showers that day s more than 100 times that.

I propose that we stop showering altogether. This would save an incredible amount of water that could be put to much better use. According to my calculations, we will even enter an era of water surplus, in which we can sell the excess water to other areas that need it, and bolster our local economies in the process. Eventually people in other drought-stricken areas will learn from us and cease to continue such wasteful bathing habits. Some might worry about body odors that might arise after prolonged roods away from the shower.

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However, water conservation is a greater issue with a greater need of solving, and therefore should hold the utmost pertinence. Body odor can easily be solved with the increased application of sanitary products, such as deodorant or wipes. The views and smells of society will change. Those with the greasiest hair and smelliest armpits will be the champions of society, for they have demonstrated their unbeatable passion for resolving detrimental issues. They will be respected and honored as heroes.

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