Essay on Virgin Soil Upturned

French Enlightenment once like you seriously believed that the world is ruled by ideas. That is despite the fact that there were materialists in their views on the nature, considering the society and its history, they believed that large numbers of people are driven by public opinion and ideas. Find the source of ideas, which itself would not depend on them, but it would define obshestvennoe opinion they could not, and so I think that the whole thing only in the ideas that guide leaders.

With this naive point of view of history – have a cohesive movement of the column of people do the will of the leaders, so everything is exclusively in the hands of the leaders. This point of view is voluntarism :)) (which panic and fear comrade CAAX). At the heart of the process called collectivization lay the need to address the biggest problem, in front of which stood the country in the mid 20s. 25 million !!! Peasants individual farms – this real bomb for all the most rasprekrasno ideas: historical development of this economic phenomenon assumed only a single form of ownership, the only form of exploitation And the most typical in the history of socio-historical organisms.

Therefore koddektivizatsiya – it’s just a label, under which there was a change of ownership forms in the Russian agricultural sector, that is … a revolution, and with it the destruction of the NEP, and those who supported him, ending the civil peace policy (in 1929 the population was selected weapons left over from the civil war), and the transition to the expropriation and terror against the peasantry.

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It turned out as a class object wholly owned gosudrastva not only on land but also on people. This form of ownership, and definitely proves terror. One of the ideological cover of state violence were just ideas Davydova and Nagulnova about justice, about how it should be, ideally, for whom life was no objective justification. By the way, I recommend reading: and

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Essay on Virgin Soil Upturned
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