Kerima Polotan The Virgin

This essay sample on Kerima Polotan The Virgin provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Kerima Polotan-Tuvera’s “The Virgin” is a short narrative that is centered on two characters viz. Miss Mijares and The Carpenter. The rubric “The Virgin” reflects the topic virginity which is an of import and precious value for Filipinos. A Filipina should be proud to hold maintained her virginity but in the instance of the thirty-four-year-old Miss Mijares.

she is ashamed of it. In her 34 old ages of being. she had ne’er been committed in a relationship.

When she was younger. there had been other things to make and she ne’er put love on top of her precedences. She had college to complete. a niece to set through school. and a female parent to take attention. Her responsibilities became hinderances for her to be in a relationship. Miss Mijares’ childhood experiences and responsibilities affected her personality.

Miss Mijares is a thirty-four-year-old adult female who works at a occupation arrangement bureau. The first brush of the two characters is at the occupation interview. The manner Miss Mijares treat him is as aloof and cold merely like the manner she treated her other interviewees. She looks at herself as superior which explains the impolite linguistic communication she uses to pass on with them. Harmonizing to the text “When she was younger. there had been other things to do-college to complete.

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a niece to set through school. a female parent to care for. ” Her childhood experiences affected the manner she is now. it greatly affected her personality. Harmonizing to the theory of Sigmund Freud viz. Psychoanalytic Theory of Freud. a person’s childhood experience and unconscious head contributes to his or her personality ( Cherry ) .

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The manner Miss Mijares maintain her distance from other people and the manner she talk to them function as a defence mechanism. Her unsociable manners coupled with Frank and disconnected manner of address is a camouflage for her solitariness. For nine old ages she dutifully looks out for the demands of her female parent. For nine old ages she doesn’t think about her ain felicity for she prioritizes her responsibility to take attention of her parent. Harmonizing to the text “But it had taken her parent many old ages to decease.

Towards the terminal. it had become a ungrateful job. working her mother’s loose flesh. hr after hr. fighting to rouse the cold. sulky blood in her death organic structure. In the terminal. she had died-her toothless. thin-haired. flabby-fleshed mother-and Miss Mijares had pushed against the bed in heartache and besides gratitude. ” We can deduce from the manner she dedicated her early old ages to take attention of her female parent that she valued her household more than herself. She was truly affected by the decease of her female parent whom she loved so much and it triggered the alteration in her personality. She exemplified her high quality as a adult female.

“Miss Mijares did non look 34. She was little. about bony. but she had learned early how to dress herself to accomplish an semblance hips and bosom. She liked fagot and shirrings and small girlish pastel colourss. ” Harmonizing to this text. Miss Mijares knows how to do her expression appealing to opposite gender. This is her manner to cover with her solitariness. For 34 old ages she has non even touched a adult male. The manner she behaves and trade with other people Acts of the Apostless as a defence mechanism.

Harmonizing to the Behavioral Theory. personality is based on the interaction between the person and the environment which can be learned and unconditioned ( Cherry ) . Her bossy and indistinct mode of address coupled with the manner she dress Acts of the Apostless as a defence mechanism to conceal her depression. The “girlish pastel color” as stated in the narrative is besides a manner to conceal her true feelings. She is ashamed of herself for still being a virgin at the age of thirty-four.

“And yet Miss Mijares did believe of love. ” It is stated in the text that Miss Mijares had short lived phantasies. She is still trusting that love will come her manner someday. It all of a sudden happened when he met the carpenter. She is cold and distant at first but all of a sudden she is drawn to the adult male. It all started at the minute she saw the adult male keeping her paperweight. It is a wooden block with a bird poised to flight. The paperweight was damaged with one wing tilted unevenly so the carpenter decided to repair it. The bird symbolizes freedom ; it symbolizes the freedom of Miss Mijares. She lived in a system where virginity is something of import and should be taken attention of.

The job is she is trapped in this system because at the age of 34 she is still a virgin who ne’er touched a adult male. This will alter because of the carpenter. She will be free like the bird in her paperweight fixed by the carpenter. She will be inadvertently attracted to the carpenter. She doesn’t like the manner he talk without permission but it won’t alteration her feelings toward the adult male. When she learned that the chief has merely given him three peso but he is make fulling in for a four-peso occupation. she confronted the chief right off. It non expected for her to be concerned because of her cold and distant manner of handling him. A alteration in her personality can be seen and it is because of the carpenter.

Miss Mijares was emotionally attached to the carpenter. She was surprised and angry when she learned that the carpenter has a boy. She thought the he is individual and non committed. After larning that he was raising a kid by a adult female he is non married to. she notice everything else that is incorrect with him-his crooked smile and faulty forepart dentition. Her reaction proved that she is truly in love with the carpenter. She doesn’t even notice his smile and tooth because of her infatuation. Miss Mijares rode once more a jeepney that detoured once more to avoid traffic but this clip he is with the carpenter. It was raining and all of them were asked to acquire down the jeepney.

She noticed that there are no other people in sight but the two of them. Her emotion has gone wild for her immature dreams have all of a sudden come to life. She turned to him with her frills moisture and wilted. Out of her free-will. Miss Mijares has grabbed the chance for love. Harmonizing to the Humanist Theory. a person’s free will and single experience contribute to personality development ( Cherry ) . Her feelings for him have changed her personality. She all of a sudden becomes more caring and concerned. Her personal emotion is the factor for the alteration in her personality.

The Virgin trades with the life of Miss Mijares. A girl bounded by her responsibility. She lived in a society where virginity is something to take attention of but at the age of 34 she is ashamed that she is still a virgin. Miss Mijares’ childhood experiences and responsibilities affected her personality. The cold and distant personality coupled with a Frank and disconnected mode of address can be traced back in her early old ages.

All of these serve as a defence mechanism to conceal her depression. She developed a certain superior outlook that can be seen in the manner she talks during interviews but all of these changed when the carpenter came into her life. The paperweight with a bird on it symbolizes freedom. Miss Mijares was now free from all her anxiousnesss because of the carpenter who brought order in her life merely like how he fixed the paperweight. Her loved for the carpenter brought the alteration in her life.

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