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Soil Lab Report Example Essay

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Observations/Data Record the observations and/or data you collected here. Describe the color, feel, and appearance of each soil sample. Sample 1: Play ground sand: khaki colored, feels rough, has more sand than rocks. Sample 2: Potting soil: black/brown-sis colored, feels some what soft, has little pieces of bark (woody stem, branches, and roots of plants. ) Sample 3: Backyard soil: Orange-red, feels lumpy, muddy look alike. What is the texture of each soil sample? Sample 1 : coarse texture because the aggregates are larger hence drains fetter Sample 2: when breaking down by soil microbes becomes finer

Sample 3: smooth, and sticky when its formed into a ball Describe the way that water drained from each soil sample. Sample 1: with the sand particles being large, the water drained pretty quick Sample 2: it absorbed the water Sample 3: it took a while to drain out since it absorbed most of it @ KC Distance Learning Analysis Answer the following questions about this lab. 1. How did the feel of each soil relate to its texture? Soil relates to its texture by the type of environment 2. Based on your observations, what kind of texture led to the fastest water drainage? What kind of texture led to the slowest water drainage?

Soil Lab Report

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How do you think texture influences a soil’s porosity and permeability? The coarse texture of backyard soil drained water faster. Potting soil was the slowest water drainer because instead of draining it absorbs. Soil texture and structure greatly influence water infiltration, permeability, and water holding capacity.

Soil Lab Report Example

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