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The hardware needed to complete the web site for Mr Murray can all be purchased from a leading computer store for around i?? 700. This will include: A 1. 5ghz processor which will insure the computer runs at a reasonably fast speed 256mb of Ram. This high level of memory will be necessary when several importing data from  A 40 gigabyte hard drive. This level of storage will be necessary to store all the software and high megabit images needed  Separate CD-RW & DVD drives.

The CD-RW will be needed to copy CDs as a backup if the hard drive fails. The DVD – ROM is a bonus Mr Murray has decided to purchase as a backup DVD player.

A modem will be needed for to access the internet for observing and/downloading any necessary information  Speakers are going to be needed to hear audio files that shall be put on the web site  A scanner will be necessary to scan in any images and/photographs A colour printer would be required if Mr Murray wants to see a tangible copy of his web site  A keyboard and Mouse are going to be needed for data entry & image manipulation Software There are 3 considerable software packages that could solve Mr Murray’s Problems.

Each package is discussed below along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Software Advantages Disadvantages Microsoft Word  can be used to insert pictures & video clips  includes graphics and fancy headings  Staff will not need training, as MS Word is very similar to the current software used – MS Works  Cannot be edited with as much ease as a true desktop publishing package.

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The cost of the program is an issue Front Page Express  Specifically written for producing web sites, which is accessible from anywhere in the world  Difficult to use – Staff will need training  The cost of the program is an issue Microsoft Publisher.

Specifically written for publishing, and can be used to publish a web site, which is accessible from anywhere in the world  The easiest software package to learn and use  Staff should not need training, as software contains detailed tutorials The cost of the program is an issue Choice of Software MS Publisher is the most suitable software package as it best meets the most user requirements mentioned in the identify section. Although MS Word has the necessary features to meet the majority of the user requirements mentioned in the Identify section, it is not the easiest software package to navigate.

This is very important to Mr Murray as one of his main requirements is that “the system easy to use, and easily changeable”. FrontPage Express, would be a considerable software package to use as it is uses many advanced features, and would almost certainly meet all the user requirements in the Identify Section. Even so, one of the objectives in the Identify Section states that the website produced “must be updated by current staff”. This would not be possible in Front Page Express, unless staff take training.

However this would not be necessary with MS Publisher as it is very easy to use, and has numerous detailed tutorials. Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage with MS Publisher as shown in the above table. Nonetheless this is not a major problem, for the reason that Mr Murray has members of family who are willing to invest in his business as mentioned earlier. In addition to Microsoft Publisher, a graphics package such as paint shop pro will be needed to scan in images. If any graphics to be included in the website need touching up, this can also be done in Paint Shop Pro.

Data Collection and input Before a website or any web pages can be produced for Mr Murray’s system, raw data needs to be obtained. As a result, information about each every product in s Raw data needed for Mr Murray’s website will include: Images of products can be collected by using a digital camera to take pictures of all the products in store. Alternatively, images can be scanned in from numerous video magazines. An even better source of images would be the internet. The internet could be used to search for, and download required images of products, from official websites.

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