Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt served as the 26th president of the United States of America. He is usually depicted as the manliest and most masculine of all of the presidents. Roosevelt was also known for his excellent speeches and rhetoric. His rhetoric, when speaking or writing, was fed a majority of the time by his masculinity. On the other hand, his wonderful skill in speech writing was caused by his love of books throughout his life. Due to Theodore Roosevelt’s masculine rhetoric and outstanding literary skills, he effectively persuaded his audience about his support for living a strenuous life.

October 27, 1858 marked the day an American hero would be born. Theodore Roosevelt had a rough childhood compared to most children. As a child, he was very sick and frail. With his asthma and weak body, Roosevelt ended up becoming an easy target for bullies. Though, at the age of fourteen, he finally decided to change his life for good. Theodore eventually became very physically fit and learned how to tolerate his asthma by toughening up and building his body.

Later, he even participated in 2 collegiate sports that required lots of physical exertion: rowing and boxing (Fehn 53). Roosevelt also learned to enjoy reading and writing at an early age. Roosevelt “had a ‘compulsion to write,’ and his ‘habit, in moments of joy or sorrow, had always been to reach for a pen, as others might reach for a rosary or a bottle’” (Oseid 138). A day never went by in which Teddy did not read a book.

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It is estimated that he read over 20,000 books while he was alive. Due to his love for writing and reading, Roosevelt “was a prolific public speaker” who wrote all of his own speeches and was the most well read of all our presidents (Oseid 141, 127).

Theodore Roosevelt The Strenuous Life

Theodore Roosevelt gave his speech, “The Strenuous Life,” on April 10, 1899 to the Hamilton Club in Chicago. This speech was given only months after the U.S. senate had signed treaties with Spain con…

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