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Essay on “The Thorn Birds”

But if you think about it … a lot of novels, designed exclusively for the female audience, became a Fund of world classics and stood on a par with other masterpieces of literature “intersexual”?

“Jane Eyre”

“Pride and prejudice “

Part of the” Gone with the wind “(after all, this is not a purely” female “work)

Thorn Birds Book Review

And, of course,” The Thorn Birds “!

The novel is dedicated to the life Cleary family, which by fate and rich cousin is on the Australian continent.

Each character in this book has its own history, their hopes and fears, his happiness and his own pain. But still in the center from the beginning is a little devchushechka with red hair named Maggie

It’s great to watch after her. As she grows, learns to play with his brothers, began working around the house and … of course, he falls in love. Poor, poor Maggie … her choice worthy of her feelings: he is young (though older than her), beautiful, smart, kind, successful.

But! .. absolutely is not available.

His love for the priest Ralph de Brikassaru Maggie will carry through life. In spite of everything, she will love it, and the feeling it will always be beautiful, as beautiful and pure as the day when she gave him a rose – pale pink, the shade of “ashes rose” … < p> and let fate will breed them different trails, even if Ralph would go to the Vatican and will be cardinal, and Maggie will marry – they’ll never be able to forget each other … their love, burning bright flame, will always be like a rose – a charming half-open morning rose covered with dew drops and not smelling flower and freshness! And in the ashes – a soft, almost always warm and weightless, pinkish-gray ash – it will appeal only to the heroes of the death

It is a beautiful story.

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. Touching, truthful and subtle. Of course, the twists and turns in the path will be a lot of heroes, but not such as Angelica in the series Anne and Serge Golon – less colorful but more vital. Of course, the history of Cleary family is not without tragedy, but they are not stupid jumble romanticized dramas and incidents like Vishnevsky in his “Solitude …”

“The Thorn Birds” – a classic, and this ! all is said

I do not think that at least someone from the lovely ladies will remain indifferent to the characters Colleen McCullough – they are worthy of the emotions and feelings that you will experience, reading and rereading the novel .

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