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It was a long summer’s day and the faint breeze blowing at me, but refreshing me as I passed under a tree. I felt the relief from the baking sun that was beating down on me and everything within reach. As I soared past the familiar sight, I had arrived to my home.

I progressed swiftly up the spiral stone steps leading into a turret. It was strong and made out of roughly hewn, grey bricks, which at the present were quite rustic but charming. I could see for miles on end up here. The sky stretched out above me like an insipid blue sheet, every now and then, peppered with wispy, buoyant clouds that just seemed to hang there in the balance.

The display beneath were merely squares and oblongs sewn together, it looked rather much like an enormous patched-work quilt.

The fields were divided up with trees and hedges compiling of different greens and yellows. The cars and houses resembled little toys from a distance, and the farmers were ploughing through their rippling, satin-like fields, haymaking and patently getting ready for harvest. Autumn was approaching, it had been a year, but yet I still cannot forget. I found the whole house quite bizarre really. Wherever I seemed to go I would feel this kind of presence and coldness that seemed to be indescribable.

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What Does Bird’s Eye View Mean

It made me feel like some futile, inane “supernatural” believer. I felt quite weird being in such a large room so I decided to have a wonder around this grand house. The family had told me to feel at home and so I took the liberty of exploiting their hospitality and explored the old house. Talking about the family, they seemed very accommodating and friendly, and if it hadn’t been for them, well, I would have still been in the middle of nowhere, I suppose. I wished that my father hadn’t lived in such a derelict and deserted place. The weird thing is I don’t really remember how I ended up there.

They explained that they found me “unconscious” in my car although I found it strange when they were repeating to me the events because it sounded like I was just asleep. Nevertheless I was very gracious for their hospitality and I felt quite comfortable staying there. After all I would be going in a couple of hours. Each room that I entered gave the impression that I was not alone and the chill was still as palpable as ever. The night before, I recall hearing strange noises. It was like there were other people who had witnessed these weird happenings, but I was engulfed with tiredness that it could have been all a warped dream.

Before I could progress any further, the butler appeared right in front of me. This startled me a little and he presented me with a plateful of breakfast delights. I hadn’t eaten anything since the day before so I dug in at once. “Wow, these look amazing, did you make them yourself? ” I asked. The butler didn’t answer, and before I could question his silence, he had placed the plate down on a big oak table and departed the dining room. Soon all the family members started to file in and I thanked them again for their generosity and informed them of my departure. “But that would be unwise…! exclaimed the father.

“I’m sorry,” I replied in bewilderment. “I mean… well… it seems like you’re going to have to stay here for a while longer… as there was a storm yesterday and many of the roads are closed… so I’m afraid you won’t be leaving today… ” he tailed off in a suspiciously. I wasn’t sure how to reply, I mean these people had been really humble to me; I didn’t want to offend them or anything. “Well okay, I suppose I could stay here for another night or so, I mean I don’t want to be a nuisance or outstay my welcome… ” I looked sincerely at the family. It’s not a problem, we like having another creature in the house” remarked the mother.

What she said bemused me a little, but I tried to keep a bemused look from creeping on to my face and instead gave a short smile back to the mother. “… but I’m going to have to let my father know, I mean he was expecting me yesterday, so would it be possible to use the telephone, it’s just I can’t seem to find my phone…? ” I asked anxiously. “I’m sorry that won’t be possible, the lines are all dead,” said the father stiffly, and afterwards subsequently he walked off in a soldier-like manner.

His loquacious nature had disappeared entirely. Now all the warmth of a loving family that I had felt the night before was gradually starting to vanish. When everyone else had finished breakfast, I was left there by myself. I hadn’t felt out of place before but now I felt I was getting the cold shoulder. I wanted to get out of this place but I couldn’t… or maybe I could. I couldn’t possibly talk to these people again after that little display, so I rushed back up to my room and searched for my bag. I took out a pen and a notepad and started to scribble down a “sorry” note.

I paused, what would I say? That I couldn’t actually talk to them because they were creepy. Scrap this idea I thought, I’d just tell them face to face – that’s the least they deserved. I slipped on my jacket and grabbed my bag, hurryingly. I had rummaged every room but no one was to be seen anywhere until I reached the living room. The fire flickered and danced around the room, filling the room with a warm but a peculiar glow. The whole family was sat there eyeing me. A disturbing feeling rooted at the pit of my stomach. I’m sorry, but as much as you’ve welcomed me here, I really do have to go now. ”

I blurted out as quickly as I could pronounce the words. I thanked them yet again, and when I didn’t hear a reply, I jammed my eyes shut and turned around to face the powering main door. I walked steadily towards it hoping that they would not impede or obstruct me from making my escape. Every step I took, the floorboards creaked in an eerie manner causing a cold sweat to cover me. As I managed to reach the door, I heard another set of feet following me. I didn’t dare to turn round – I didn’t.

I grabbed for the door handle and turned it with a quick cocking motion, but unsurprisingly it didn’t open. “I knew it,” I murdered under my panting breath. I had no choice but to turn around. A tunnel of darkness pierced occasionally with flashes of brilliant light that surged out of the living room with a silhouette of who looked to be the mother. She was closing in on me although I couldn’t see her face but her eyes still remained vivid and there was a glimmer of a smile in them. It was then, “snip- its” of my life flashed before my eyes. Why? Am I dying?

I could see petal-like wings with a camouflaged dress that I somewhat admired on the woman. Her cheeks were rosy and soft but colourless at the same time. As she approached me, I dropped to the ground; it was like all my energy had been captivated out of me. “What was happening? ” I kept questioning myself but I didn’t have any answers. My vision started to blur and the last image I had was my reflection in her mirrored eyes. I could feel pain on my shoulder blades and the feel of ruffled feathers began to emerge, there was this unbreakable bond between us. Stop it! ” I shouted in agony.

“Stop it, you’re hurting me. ” But they didn’t listen. I strained my eyes and searched further a field and saw a thin road stretching away into the distance like a grey ribbon. Everything was as calm as a summer’s sea. The sun faded into a haze of amber and gold, filling the land with shadow. As I became restless and agitated, I peered down and immediately I felt a wave of dizziness and nausea wash over me. Everyone and everything was departing from the scene, abandoning me, all alone, deserted on top of a castle.

I looked at the view for a few seconds but then a sudden wind gushed past me, which caused the flag to flap and my wings to spread. Nobody will ever notice that I’m gone, I’m all alone and no-one can know what I am. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fly and now I actually can, I don’t want to anymore. Every second I spend thinking about what everyone looks like. What my family look like, but I can’t see them – I wouldn’t be able to face them. Maybe one day a miracle will happen but in the mean time I can only wallow in my own pain. Although I still don’t know why.

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