My Family and Other Animals. Birds, Beasts and Relatives

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I am writing this review because it was surprised to see how few people read Gerald Durrell.

In vain! Remarkable, extraordinary writer! Beautiful stylist, fun and funny storyteller, and an acute observer, to all this, the famous scientist and naturalist. Therefore, it is a small epic of the years he spent with his family on the island of Corfu, read with a smile, interest and surprise.

With a smile, because Darrell that grew in surrounded by books, and next to his brother-writer, said with an indescribable humor as events in his family and the animal world – the biggest hobby since childhood.

No boring descriptions of animals is not in sight, on the contrary, with absolute scientific rigor, Darrell finds such practices and expressions of animals of the story ( “… he (the dove) uncannily like the famous opera singer, who walked, puffing out his chest on deck of a cruise ship and prepared to break out the aria, “” … it (the bird) sitting, swallowing as the Dowager Duchess, who choked sorbet at the ball “) that make even small wildlife enthusiasts read with interest the chapter devoted to the little animals.

But, by the way, in the words of the author himself, his family, after he “let it in the book,” significantly pushed and almost replaced the animals. With that, Durrell describes the events from the perspective of themselves a decade, it is still not a children’s book, a funny and good memories of an adult, sometimes anecdotally funny, sometimes ironic.

An interesting book describing the marvelous nature Corfu accurate and amusing observations of the nature of the Greeks.

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A surprise and delight gives me the ability to Gerald Durrell look at life simple, fun and good-natured

For those who know English, I advise you to read the original:. Even the most beautiful interpreter is not always possible to pass a funny accent, game words or irony of the writer.

one more thing. This book is in stores are often placed on shelves or with children, or with the scientific and popular literature. But “My Family and Other Animals” – neither one nor the other! This is something special. It’s Darrell!

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My Family and Other Animals. Birds, Beasts and Relatives
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