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Formal Writing-What organizations face a lack of attachment to wider society? What is lacking attachment? Lacking attachment is not having a link to something. Be it a material object or objects, or human life. In my opinion, one of the most severe issues illustrated in the Shawshank Redemption, a film directed by Frank Darabont, is the lack of attachment that the prisoners have to the outside world.

I will be addressing the issue that this theme presents in The Shaw shank Redemption, as well as in a New Zealand and global setting.

The New Zealand setting I will be addressing are rest homes, and the global setting are prisons housing prisoners of war. During the course of the film, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, there are no references of any kind of visitors or parcels for the prisoners from the ‘outside’.

This proves that the prisoners have little knowledge of what is going on outside the prison walls. Although the prisoners have little luxuries from the outside on the count of Red’s ability to “locate certain things from time to time”, it is evident that they have very little. An example is the theater room.

What Is The Theme Of The Shawshank Redemption

Andy has already seen the movie showing four times, which might show the fact that they have little variance? Brooks shows this theme powerfully after he leaves on parole.

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Brooks walks out the prison gates staring out at the world outside the grey walls he has seen for the last 40 years of his life. Brooks sits in the bus holding on for what seems like dear life on the railing on the seat in front of him, probably indicating his need to hold on to something solid now that he is on his own. In his letter to the “fellas”, Brooks talks about how he saw an “automobile once”, when he “was a kid”, but now, he remarks, “they’re everywhere”.

This quote shows his obvious ignorance to the progress of the world. Brooks sums up the issue cleanly with the quote “the world went and got itself in a big hurry”. This aspect of Brooks’ journey shows that he recognizes the fact that everything has surpassed him; he can’t keep up alone on the outside. There are several moments in the film when the severity of this issue is revealed beneath the surface. For example, he is surprised when Andy speculates on what is possible through mail; setting up a social security number and license card amongst other things. The evident lack of connection to the outside world is obviously present.

Brooks is the most obvious character who illustrates this. I also believe that although Red does know a lot, there are still things on the outside that surpass him. I personally doubt that prisoners of our day and time experience the same issues that the men of Shawshank Prison. Today, prisoners have visiting hours, packages from family and friends, and are lightly given parole and/or home detention. As well as this, the media has published several times information on ‘luxuries’ that men inside prison now have; widescreen televisions, heated flooring, and the ability to earn money while on the ‘inside’.

This is a strong opposite of Shawshank Prison. Of all atrocities shown in the film, one of the most appalling is the maggot the Andy finds in his first breakfast. This is denying a man of his most basic need; edible food. Prisoners today have three meals a day. As well as this, they can receive food parcels from home, which reinforces the theme of attachment to society. In my opinion, the people in New Zealand today who probably face the issue of disattachment most are those who live in rest homes. Although rest homes are a stark difference to prisons, they face a similar disattachment.

Patients of rest homes live in partial isolation in rooms or apartments. They have the right to feel ‘abandoned’ as those who cared for them now have no time for them, and have left them alone. The existence of rest homes may not be so harsh, but the inhabitants most probably feel this way. However, an example that shows off the ‘harshness’ of rest homes is the case of the ‘Gagging Rest home’ where a resident of a rest home was gagged by an employee for ‘making too much noise’. I do not personally know anyone who lives in a rest home, but those who have parents in rest homes speak of how their mothers or fathers despise being there.

On a global scale, I support prisoners once again. But this time, prisoners of war, who are detained as a result of a war. Prisoners are obvious advocates for those who have no attachment to society. Prisoners of war however, are more extreme. They are imprisoned in a country that they are not originally from, because they were fighting in a war most probably for their nation’s freedom. There are obvious hardships for prisoners of war; language barriers, and clashes of cultures and traditions. There are even rumors of torture, mistreatment and execution. A prime example of a P. O. W amp is Guantanomo Bay the USA’s controversial prison for prisoners of war and suspected terrorists. There have been numerous reports over the abuse and beatings of inmates in the prison. The theme, a lack of attachment, is evident with prisoners of war because they are isolated from their countries; their families, friends, homes, jobs, just about everything. And while they are imprisoned for years and often traded as items used in discussing treaties, they are held in places completely alien to them, where they can’t connect with anything. When nations decide to end their wars, prisoners of war are exchanged in accordance to treaties.

This is regularly done in conflict hotspots like in Lebanon and Israel. Most, if not all people, have a distinguished connection or attachment to society and people. Humans need social connection in order to progress, to live. When they are denied of this, they lose their sense of life; they grow alone, until they can’t live within society anymore. Brooks showed this very well. I believe that The Shawshank Redemption projected this theme extremely well. Red’s quotes about ‘institutionalism’ and ‘relying on these walls” are even better indicators of the severed connections with society.

Those living in rest homes should also feel that sense of dies attachment. Having lived over 50 years of their lives integrated in society, living alone within a schedule of strict timetables is basically taking the life they had before. The same principles are present in prisons housing prisoners of war. In some sense, they can feel like Andy did, imprisoned for unjustified means. In my opinion, I believe that being separated from society can be damaging to a person’s psyche. I am not supporting criminals or prisoners, but I think the standards presented in The Shawshank Redemption aim to make the audience feel empathetic.

The director, Frank Darabont, said himself that “if you don’t feel fro Brooks, then you don’t have a heart”. What if you were to be kept in a room, to be let out only to eat, or to use the bathroom? Imagine living in a world where your every move is timetabled. How would you survive? Living this way leads to changes in people, they do things that they would not do on the ‘outside’. There are people such as Bogs Diamond, who become savage, and turn to homosexuality, or gentler souls, like the ‘gagging rest home’ victim who complained. No human should be denied regular connection with the world.

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