Shawshank Redemption

The Shawano Redemption is about a banker, Andy Defense who is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and his lover, Is sentenced to Shawano Prison for two life sentences. As time passes, Andy becomes friends with Red and other Inmates. Andy brings the guards and other prisoners on his side when he helps them with tax problems. Over the years, he gains reputation and is more respected. More significantly, he never drops hope which makes him wanting to be free. In the end, Andy escapes prison by breaking through the prison wall by using a rock emmer which Red smuggled.

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The film is narrated by Red because Morgan Freeman (Red) has an incredible smooth voice that makes anything sound nice. Things Fall Apart is a novel about a man called Awoken who is a leader and warrior of his village, one of the Nine Villages and has a high level of respect. He was three wives with many children.

Awoken does not show his true feelings as he considers this as not masculine. HIS village is very cultural; It Is very strong in its traditions, gods and beliefs. Awoken breaks one of their beliefs, and Is forced to leave the illegal.

Then the missionaries and the “white” men come In the village and try to brainwash them with Christianity. The use of African terms such as “chi” Indicates a more strong sense of tradition. Through the two texts, Red and Awoken both show examples of respect.

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Red does not care about the amount of prison work he does and he helps other people’s wants and needs. Awoken respects his village’s beliefs, religion, customs and heritage. When the missionary wanted him to convert to Christianity he refused and rebelled.

In life, people often follow the rules, regulations and traditions of their local community because that Is what they know within their knowledge. People would not want to shatter the tradition because they don’t want to create chaos In the community. In Things Fall Apart, Awoken respectfully obeys the village’s beliefs, religion and customs. When Awoken kills his son, he is told to that his family must De put Into exile Ana must erelong special Items to ten g sees. Nils snows respect towards his own (and the village’s) belief.

In the film, The Shawano Redemption, Red is a hard worker and respects the prison guards. He will obey anything they say and do anything they say. He gives advice to others and silently keeps out of trouble. The other value is hope. In The Shawano Redemption, Andy believes that hope gives a sense of freedom. This is because he knows he is innocent. As he gets used to the prison, Andy thinks he is so free that puts Mozart on the PA system. This is hope gone too far. Later on, Andy put in enough effort and determination to plan a successful escape.

In Things Fall Apart, Awoken gains hope when things start to get out of hand. He also hopes to generate wealth from the yams. However, he is not capable of change because he has always been the same person. When Awoken is protesting against the new religion, no one was on his side so his only choice was to kill himself by hanging. The values I have researched has affected my personal values and attitudes by releasing the harshness in a prison or being forced to be taught a religion can be negated with the right determination by believing in your values.

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