Shawshank Redemption Summary

The Film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ (1994) directed by Frank Darabont is about a man’s journey from being falsely convicted of murder to escaping through a drain pipe. One incident in the film where TommyWilliams is murdered causes the attitude of the main character, Andy, to drastically change. The turn of events in the film causes Andy to lose hope and take the significant step of escaping the prison.

Tommy Williams is a fellow prisoner who joins Andy in Shawshank deep into Andy’s sentence.

Coincidentally he is also the one and only person aware of Andy’s innocence in the crime he is wrongfully convicted for.As expected after learning of this Andy immediately confronts Warden Norton in the hope of being released as new evidence has come to light, giving Andy hope. However, Andy is instantly shot down by the Warden, who seeks to continue exploiting Andy’s skills in handling and making his money. As Andy refutes the explanation the Warden gives on why Tommy testifying will not help, he is sentenced to a month in the “hole,” where darkness surrounds the flesh and light escapes each and every corner of the room.

Acting on impulse, the Warden then orders Captain Hadley to execute Tommy in case if any issues were to arise shortly. The actions the Warden takes in the film are similar to what humans do to the present day. For our selfish and personal desires we may sometimes be very inconsiderate of others and how our choices affect them, be it for money, fame and happiness and in the modern society selfishness can be hidden in all form of our lives from work to play.

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Darabont shows this ideal through the Wardens exploitation of Andy.

Shawshank Redemption Movie Summary

Andy is released from the “hole” after an extended sentence due to him confronting the Wardens decision once again. He comes to learn that Tommy was killed, and the remaining hope left in him is shattered into pieces. Andy’s attitude is now portrayed to be distant and dull by the use of…

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