The Essence of Human Resource Management: Unveiling the Role and Vocabulary

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Since an individual is the main resource for various companies, organizations, and institutions, no organization can ever exist without people. It is vital to differentiate the meaning of the word “staff” and “team.” Sometimes a group of people working in the same company can never become a team. One will have to devote lots of work to create a team of like-minded people working in an atmosphere of mutual trust and aimed at fulfilling the tasks facing the company.

It is what the role of human resource management should present.

When writing a human resource management essay, you need to know a lot regarding the function of a typical HR. All principles, methods, techniques used by the resource management system have to motivate employees for actions aimed at achieving the goals of the organization. The role of HR is to constitute the content of activities called personnel management or develop human resources management for labor.

Staff and team in HRM vocabulary

When preparing an essay about HRM, you will have to deal with the professional vocabulary a lot. It means that your task is to understand the meaning and function of each of them. It doesn’t mean that you have to become an HR and try this profession inexperience. However, understanding what the main definitions mean in this business: planning recruitment selection, health, and safety policies, essay export reference, recruitment selection placement.

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Only then you will be able to deal with those definitions logically. If you avoid using the terms, your paper will be superficial with no exact meaning for the target audience.

Staff definition

Human Resources Management Essay

The term “staff” is the most appropriate at the organizational level since it defines the personnel of the organization. It shows the number of workers, their working conditions, responsibilities, and duties. The worker has to understand the circumstances of the job specialization clearly. On the level when a new employee gets into a new company, he or she becomes a part of a staff. Turning this person into a team member is what HR is responsible. You can describe the process of transmission from the staff to team in your human resource management essay.

Staff functions

The staff operates on the lower level, and one may characterize it by certain features. The main ones are:

  • the employment relationship with the employer, as a rule, are drawn up by employment contracts;
  • possession of certain qualitative characteristics, a combination of personal and organizational goals. Hence, the staff is the main, permanent staffing of skilled workers, which is formed and varied under the influence of both internal and external factors.

The personnel are classified in two main categories of personal participating in the production process: managerial and production. Management personnel is employees whose work activities are directed to specific managerial functions. These include linear and functional executives and specialists. Managing staff is occupied mainly by intellectual and intellectual work.

Describe the personnel functions in human resource management essay

The main purpose of personnel management is:

  • the formation of a highly qualified, responsible person in charge of modern economic thinking and the development of a sense of professional pride;
  • ensuring social efficiency of the team.

Personnel management as an integral system performs the following functions:

  • organizational – planning of needs and sources of staffing;
  • socio-economic – providing a set of conditions and factors aimed at the rational consolidation and use of personnel;
  • reproduction – ensuring staff development.

How to use theory in your human resource management essay

Everything depends on the type of writing. When writing about management human resources, you need to reference this article to credible sources. It will become very important when you decide to start writing a reference page. It is obvious that when preparing a human resource management essay, you have to be logical and coherent. Using theoretical information is an indispensable part of this paper. However, check if you have prepared the right section for it.

Teachers like when a student’s paper has a clear structure. It means that using headings and subheadings is essential. Usually, the writer begins with some theoretical background information.

How to structure your essay


It is vital to introduce your topic in the human resource management essay. When writing academic papers, you need to avoid rhetorical questions. Here you need to present the problem of discussion. Don’t forget to mention your overall message of the article in the thesis statement.

Main body

Depending on your topic, the essay will have a different structure of the main body. It is a good idea to prepare an outline before the actual writing. Sometimes students make mistakes for writing irrelevant arguments or examples. To avoid this mistake, you need to think whether each paragraph has an interlinking idea which transfers the reader from one argument to another. If everything is in chaos, your target audience won’t be satisfied.


For preparing a conclusion, you need to enumerate the most crucial aspects of the main body. There is no need for adding example because this will be a mistake. You need to end with some thought-provoking ideas which inspire the reader for understanding your message of the text deeper.

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