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This sample essay on Vietnam Unemployment Rate provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Part I

Vietnam ‘s economic growing depend on two chief factors: internal ( the stimulation of economic system export and import ) and external factors ( planetary environment market and Vietnam ‘s fight ) .

In general tendency, Vietnam ‘s GDP has gone up from 7,8 % in 2004 to 8.5 % in 2007. But, it merely reached merely 6.

2 % ( 2008 ) and 5.3 % in 2009 because of fiscal crisis.[ 2 ]

In 2009, Vietnam economic system has a positive alteration: GDP increased over the quarters for all twelvemonth, this increasing is about 5.32 % . In this twelvemonth, the GDP growing despites a lower growing rate of 6.2 % in 2008 but has exceeded 5 % mark set[ 3 ].

Why Is Vietnam’s Unemployment Rate So Low

Vietnam ‘s economic system is divided into three big sector economic system: agribusiness, forestry and piscaries.

In 2008 Vietnam exported about 64.8 billion U.S dollars, of which about 32.

1 % of export value was the heavy industry and minerals ; 45.2 % was light industry and handcraft ; 32.5 % were agricultural, forestry and piscaries. During that same twelvemonth, the import value reached 60.8 billion dollars, of which the estimated 30.2 % of imports were machinery, equipment, tools of all sorts and 63.7 % were natural stuffs informations, merely 6.1 % for consumer goods.

“ Vietnam ‘s mean income – existent GDP per capita – has grown quickly since the state launched the Doi Moi Reform, turning at an mean one-year rate of 5.

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06 per centum between 1986 and 1997 ( pre-Asian Financial crisis ) and at the higher rate of 5.64 per centum between 1997 and 2009 ( Figure 2.1 ) . Vietnam stood out as one of the fastest turning economic systems in the universe during this period leting it to make the lower middle-income group in 2008 when its per capita income exceeded USD 1,000. And it continues to do important advancement since, despite the recent fiscal crisis ”[ 4 ]

The foreign investor considered that Viet Nam is a 2nd absorbing finish next to China in the Asia- Pacific country. FDI capital have an of import portion in National budget and to assist besides Vietnam economic system higher growing in the last few old ages.[ 5 ]

In 2010, the economic growing has estimated at 6.5 % . The growing is the fastest in Southeast Asia but it still inferior China, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand when they were at similar phases of development. But the monetary value could transcend 12 % in the approaching period, bespeaking the hazard of raising rising prices.[ 6 ]

In the close hereafter, Vietnam ‘s economic growing advancement will concentrate mostly ability to pull foreign investing and do a alteration in Vietnam ‘s economic competitory ability. Vietnam will hold to travel tete-a-tete with China in pulling increased sums of foreign direct investing.

Part II


Inflation is one of the major challenges to Vietnam ‘s economic system. It is besides the ground for slow growing of the province of the economic system of Vietnam. Inflation is understood as the uncontrolled addition in monetary value. It mean the devaluation of Vietnam currency.

Because of the fluctuation of the US economic system, the exchange rate between Vietnam dong against US changed a batch within general increasing tendency which is showed in the figure beside[ 7 ]. As a consequence of that, most of company applied USD in their dealing alternatively of Vietnam dong, particularly in export goods. Beside that, several of Vietnamese individual who want to salvage their money in USD. Both of the grounds make the exchange rate kept traveling up and up.

The escalation of monetary value make the consumer monetary value index in Vietnam has besides increase as show in figure following to with lift 1,05 % in October, 2010 by higher monetary values of instruction and nutrient sectors.[ 8 ]

It is besides make the cost of goods or merchandises grow up. Viet Nam is one of the most state import really much ( 90 % GDP ) , the higher monetary value of fuel, stuff cause the higher monetary value of goods or merchandises. The company will bring forth less and the monetary value of goods maintain increasing.

The rising prices in Viet Nam does non halt fluctuation. It comparative low in the mid-2000s and keeps traveling faster in recent old ages. The rising prices over the bound ( 9 % ) . In 2007, the rising prices is the double-digit rising prices. Between 2008s and 2009s was peculiarly terrible with the highest per centum of inflation- about 25 % . The rising prices is traveling down in 2010 ( 7 % ) because of the authorities policy.[ 9 ]

On the other manus, the payment on the authorities is one of the biggest grounds, which cause the rising prices. If the authorities wage more money for goods and services, the money they pay is travel straight into the economic system, which cause the higher demand. Examples: The monetary value of rice export in 2007 go up 15 % from 2006 so the demand of rice export go up. At that clip, the supply can non run into the demand because of the catastrophe or another factors. All factors cause the demand -pull rising prices which makes monetary value of goods, merchandises or services grow up.[ 10 ]

Viet Nam is a little economic system in the Asia, but Viet Nam makes an impressive by velocity of economic grow. So that is the ground why Viet Nam must pay for their fast and large success. To forestall the rising prices, the authorities should make many thing to forestall the turning of rising prices. They need to command the money they give to the economy-increase the value of money. On the other manus, the authorities must utilize their “ power ” to take down monetary value some necessary things such as nutrient or household usage in other to assist the hapless people and do the balance between demand and supply.

Part III


The unemployment rate in Viet nam is a peculiar job. There are some grounds for this issue. It makes demand and supply of labour unequal, in fact, more supply than demand so that unemployed has rosin.

What is unemployment? Unemployment is a “ statement ” that economic experts use to stand for all of people who in working age and ca n’t happen a occupation or the workers who lost their occupation, but they are valuable for work at current pay rates. “ Unemployment rate is the figure unemployed expressed as a per centum of the labour force. ”[ 11 ]

The statistics below which shows the unemployment rates in the different urban countries in Viet Nam signifier 1996 to 2008[ 12 ]: The highest rate was about 7 % of Vietnams ‘ population in 1998, and the general tendency went up from 1996 – 1998 and so went down 1999- 2008, except 2009. Most of unemployees are in the large metropolis and major economic country like Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh metropolis, Da Nang or Dong Nai states.


First, Vietnams ‘ population growing has reached 86 million people ( 2009 )[ 13 ], the 6th in Southeast Asia, and besides extremely increase in one-year. Its about 50 % of population are in working ages. It makes the socioeconomic development and making new occupations ever under the force per unit area. Most of Vietnamese workers graduated high school merely. The others who finished college or university with ill qualified to work, or low at proficient accomplishments because Vietnamese instruction system and preparation system has many problems.w



( million )

Number of people in working age

( million )
















Figure 2: The relationship between Vietnams ‘ population and labour force.

Second, the unsuitable population imbalance arrange among vary countries and concern lines.[ 14 ]Most of the immigrant are form the rural countries. They move to lives in the large metropolis where placed tonss of industrial Parkss. It makes the urban population is acquiring crowed. So on, the unemployment rate are ever high.

The competition between the houses are the 3rd cause for unemployment. They had competed together in many concern field, particularly in engineering. Therefore, the little 1s will shut down.

On the other manus, 1000 of mill has reduced its employees because of planetary economic sciences diminution and the fiscal crisis in 2008. The company can non sell or export their goods and services. Some of them has to halt working and the workers lose their occupation. As a consequence of that, the figure of unemployed workers maintain traveling up.

Part IV



The same with many states all over the universe, Vietnam ‘s Economy besides has the rising prices and unemployment. The unemployment and rising prices have the stopping point relationship with the sensible rising prices rates can do diminish the unemployment rates and advance the economic growing.

The Viet Nam economic system was the same with what the Phillips curve show about. In the short tally, when the rising prices rate was low, the rate of unemployment was high and when the rising prices rate was high, the unemployment rate was low.

In 2003, Vietnam GDP was less than 7 % with the rising prices rate was 3 % and the unemployment rate was 7 %[ 15 ]. The Government wanted to diminish the unemployment rate around 5 % , so the Government used the pecuniary policy by pouring out the money into the economic system. It increased the money supply and decreased the involvement rates. As a consequence, people were easy to borrow money from the bank because it was inexpensive. The concerns had a batch of alterations to increase their concerns ; they wanted to put more and more ; they hired more people to work for. Therefore, in 2004 the unemployment rate began to travel down approximately 5,6 %[ 16 ], it besides made the GDP increased and reached 8,48 % while the rising prices rate went significantly up about 9,5 %[ 17 ]. We can evidently see in the chart below: EMBED Excel.Chart.8 s

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