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FINDINGS: Following are the findings of the study, 1. Conducted survey shows that 37% of post graduate are un employed in Pakistan. 2. 53. 33% people are those who applied 1-3 times and then they get job . So we may conclude that people are ambitious. 3. Result shows that 68% people are those who done 1-2 jobs. 4. When asked that do their jobs match with their qualification 63% replied in negative. 5. 69% people told that they are satisfied with their pay. 6. 41. 34% respondents are those whose duration of last job was more than 6months.

. 7. 46. 7% people quit jobs due to personal reasons in which the main reason is that the pay was not enough 8. 49% respondents were supportive members of their family while 51% respondents were non supporting. 9. When asked 69. 33% responded said that gov job is better then private job. 10. 37% select peoples due to pensions. 11. 53. 30% people says that there are more chances for progress in private jobs. 12. According to survey 42. 67% responded said that main reason of unemployment is extreme growth in population. 13. Candidates told that 36% are selected on behalf of test and Experience.


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According to the survey research 54. 65% people prefer professional education and 40% people technical education. Now a days professional and technical education has more importance. 15. 64% Responses shows that women’s job play an important role in increasing unemployment. 16. Result show that attitude of getting high level job doesn’t plays a any role in spreading unemployment Opinion of most of the people about this question is that every one wants to earn instead of wasting time. SUGGESTIONS: Following recommendations and suggestions in order to reduce the unemployment in society, 1.

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Birth rate of country must be kept with in the reasonable limits. 2. Education must be constructive and beneficial, so that the government should open different institutes for technical and professional educational. 3. Selection of candidate must be fair. 4. Working environment must be pleasant for encouraging females. 5. Jobs level and salary must be according to the qualification. 6. Bonus must be given on good performance in order to encourage the workers. 7. Government should provide job opportunities to skill –persons al small level. 8. Govt. should make efforts to push economic growth process. 9.

For this purpose Economic Revival Package should announce for the revival of industries sector, to stimulate production and investment. 10. Govt. should announce a package for the development of agriculture sector. 11. Beside this a number of fiscal and monetary measures should take to attract industrialists and particularly foreign investment. 12. More Technical and Vocational training facilities should be provided. In this way unemployed people will get the chance to enhance their skills and become able to earn reasonable income. 13. With a view to reduce educate unemployment; self-employment scheme should be encouraged in true manners.

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