Cause Of Unemployment In Cambodia

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Name : SOK PANHA Class : A606 Sex : Male Home Works (Essay writing) -roptc: MY FAVORITE PLACE 0Brainstorms 0 Beautiful 0 Attractive 0 Good environment, natural air 0 Many visitors and tourists 0 Famous 0 Khmer’s heritage 0 Quality of stone 0 An old age 0 Have to many tourism 0 Natural air, and good environment 0 Mixed of nation visited there 0 Locate in Siem Reap province, Cambodia 0 Have good design 0 Meaning on the walls 0 The best place of Cambodia 0 The best well-known in the world… Scores 0 Essay outline Introduction A. Hook: I am not a good visitor B.

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Connecting information: I used to visit anywhere on only my vocation C. Thesis: I have only one place that I favorite in… Body A. My favorite place is very interesting, and everyone are interested. 0 Attractive 0 Too many tourism 0 Many student around the world have been studying about it. B. Angkor Wat is one 0T tne Dest wonaerTul temple In tne world Cambodia U It Is one 0T tne oldest temple In 0 The best design (beautiful, good looking, and long life) 0 The statues seem still alive C.

The Angkor Wat is the best place in Cambodia o It’s the heart of Cambodian’s people It make income from many factors Conclusion A.

Restate my favorite place B. The next Khmer’s generation should be take care our temple from now on and forever more… My Favorite Place I am not a good visitor, yet I’m very busy with my study that I have to study two major at the same time in full of the day.

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I can anywhere on only my vocation. Before I decide to go any places, I have to think about it very clearly. All of my previous vocation I had visited a several places, but I have only one place that I favorite in, and it is the best place of my visiting.

My favorite place is very interesting one, and everyone are very interested it. There are too many tourism had and wanted visited there. From day to day, there have many student around the world who have been studying about it. Since I grew up I have never see the place that it’s really attractive like this. Angkor Wat temple is one of the best wonderful temple in the world. It is one of the oldest temple among the temple in Cambodia. This temple is located in Siem Reap province, Kingdom of Cambodia. The Angkor Wat temple is an interesting one for me.

It is so beautiful, looking good and long life. Not only, on the walls around it, there are the best design of our Khmer’s ancient in the last thousand years. When we look at the statues that stand for protect it, it’s seem still alive. Behind the picture on the walls is the Khmer empire’s story in that time. I’m really favorite it. Angkor Wat temple is the best place in Cambodia. All Cambodian’s people think that it is the heart of our country. If we talk about income of this temple, there were about one billion dollars of each years.

All these income are come from many factor especially the international tourist and national tourism also, include the other service such as, from the airport income, hotel, and restaurant, etc. The people who live around there can make their own business, sells some product, to be a tour guide or any services, to get the money from the visitors. In conclusion, my favorite place is Angkor Wat temple, which is the best well-known, and the best design of Khmer empire. I like this place so much, and I hope that the next generation will be take care this temple from now on and forever more.

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Cause Of Unemployment In Cambodia
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