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Glass Roses Short Story Essay

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English 30-1 Short Story Unit Exam (Part 2 – Written) Read each question carefully before answering. You may NOT write about the short story you presented on in class. Please indicate which short story you presented on: The Destructors by Graham Green Laura De Jaegher Please indicate which short story you presented on: The Destructors by Graham Green Laura De Jaegher Answer each of the following questions in one complete and articulate paragraph using relevant evidence from the short stories presented on in class. . Identify and compare two symbols found in two different short stories presented on in class. The glass rose in The Glass Roses by Alden Nowlan and the girl as a symbol from Boys and Girls by Alice Munro symbolize an object and a human that are both fragile and intricate. The girl is young and growing up and very fragile because she is just becoming who she is and has a desire to become something that isn’t as fragile as just a girl who is told what to do by society’s image and her own family’s opinions.

The glass rose represents fragility as well and also a past that the rose can represent. The rose also represents a bond between Stephen and Pollack, compared to the girl and her brother, Laird. The girl and her brother do not share a bond because they are such opposites in the time of the 1940’s because males and females were not equal, males were always superior. 2. Identify two characters from two different short stories and explore either their similarities OR their differences.

Pablo from the Wall by Jean- Paul Sartre and the girl from Boys and Girls by Alice Munro are similar in the way that in both stories they feel like they are condemned to something such as the fate of what they are both coming too. The girl lives on a farm and has this desire to be like her brother and father and do the same things as them and be equal. Throughout the story she tries to fit in with them and be viewed the same as her brother. She even tries to get him in trouble in hopes of feeling more important and better but even then her father and mother still take pride in the brother and look down on the daughter.

The Glass Roses Alden Nowlan

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Her mother and grandmother do not support the girl’s efforts to become more than just a stereotypical female, but instead they encourage her to do the traditional roles of a woman and stay in and cook/clean while the males go out and work. She faces her “fate” at the end of the story because she eventually just sinks into society’s image of a female and chooses to give in and not stand up for what she wants. This is similar to Pablo because in The Wall he is facing some sort of fate but in a different way. He is in prison cell waiting to eventually face his death.

He deals with his knowing of death by somewhat detaching himself from life. He feels alienated from his own self which is similar in a way to what the girl was feeling, because they both have a desire to be someone else or somewhere else than where they currently are or am. Answer the following question in one complete sentence. 3. Write a thesis statement on a dominant theme found in one short story presented on in class (other than your own). Boys and Girls by Alice Munro: It doesn’t matter you we are, or what society we belong to, expectations are inevitable.

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