Shattered Glass Movie Analysis

Throughout the film, “Shattered Glass,” a journalist named Stephen Glass makes one of the biggest errors a journalist can make. A journalist must never make up stories when their publisher is based on true stories, otherwise, their stories would be fiction based. Stephen Glass had many factors contribute to be able to produce these false stories. For this scandal to ever happen is quite shocking, never thought this could happen without being detected by others. This kind of scandal should not happen again due to the amount of processes that a paper needs to go through to verify their sources.

This film has not changed my perspective on journalism and the media.

Stephen Glass in Shattered Glass Movie

Stephen Glass,the youngest investigative writer-editor at The New Republic, happens to be one of the rising stars in journalism. The stories that he produced were funny colorful stories. Stephen Glass would always be manipulative to his coworkers. Anytime Glass would do something wrong, he would always ask “ Are you mad at me?” like a puppy who made a mess on the floor.

The coworkers would never believe that there would be any suspicion from him about any sort of issue because of the image that has been brought about himself. Because of his image nobody would suspect him of actually making up most of the stories that he has written. When Glass publish the story “Hack Heaven” he gained a good amount of fame in creating the entertaining story. To bad the story happen to be made up after, a reporter from Forbes Digital Tool began researching the story in order to discover how Glass scooped them.

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Penenberg is unable to uncover any corroborating evidence for Glass’ story. Glass’s editor manager becomes suspicious of Glass and actually goes to the place to where the story “Hack Heaven” was taken place. Glass finally admits that the story was false and is later suspended for it. Glass was very clever in manipulating his coworkers to into not making him suspicious of…

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