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Human Cruelty in the Name of Righteousness The Crucible by Arthur Miller Guilt is a difficult feel to cope with. However, being blamed guilty while being innocent is even harder. This situation is experienced through the characters in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible . In this play a group of girls attempt to practice witchcraft but because they g at caught, the girls worried they were going to get punished. They begin to accuse e other people and lie in order to deflect the blame from themselves.

This initiated the Sale m Witch Trials.

Essay Example on Literary Criticism The Crucible

Miller portrays human cruelty in the name of righteousness through Abigail a ND Thomas Putnam in The Crucible In The Crucible, Abigail (Reverend Paprika’s niece) accuses Tuba and Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft in spite of upholding her innocence. Hysteria arises as R veered Hale asks Abigail If she is involved with witchcraft. Abigail replies “l never sold NYSE If! Am a good girl! Am a proper girl” and that Tuba forced her to do it.

Tuba, in fear of PU enmeshment, accused other woman of witchcraft. Likewise, Elizabeth Proctor was also blame De for acts she did not commit.

Reverend Hale says Abigail mentioned her name in the court. Elizabeth says “[she] will fear With Abigail accusation against Elizabeth in the trials not only did Abigail divert attention from her but has also caused chaos in the town because the Proctors were important people. Giles Corey believes Thomas Putnam is making false accusations in order to take land, Giles accuses Thomas Putnam of “coldly [prompting] [his] daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs.

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” (3. 39596. 182) This meant that Thomas Putnam falsely accused George Jacobs to take advantage of the land.

As a result of this accusation Giles Corey is arrested for Gonzales 2 contempt of order. He said, ” cannot give you no name,sir. I cannot. ” (3. 419. 183) He refused to give a name because he did not want anyone to be hanged. Giles Corey ref used to confess the person he got the information in the name of righteousness. During this period of time, people had a different view of righteousness. Alt Hough it may seem in the crucible as if greed, culpability and fear caused the Puritans t o act in a more harsh, merciless manner, in the Salem Welch Trials; we can also perceive that elision plays a major role during these events.

In the book All Things Human by Henry Goodman Potter, pages 5854 reads,”Henry Potter and his white contemporaries addressed these e concerns with common assumptions and convictions, rooted in various aspects of Name Rican religious and social thought, about the ‘fatherhood of God and brotherhood of humane This goes out to show that equality during these periods of time was difficult to reach b cause religion changed people’s perspective drastically. Throughout The Crucible characters have been blamed for an act that they did not omit.

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