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“Those who can non larn from history are doomed to reiterate it.

The violent brushs of the past contain valuable lessons about deciding struggle. ”

The Crucible Essay

The occurrences of the yesteryears are important to any events happening at any point in the present. From the cardinal political orientation that past playing as blocks.

the actions. determinations and every take parting events that have occurred in the past predetermine the possibilities of the present. and finally the hereafter. In the film.The Crucible( 1953 ) written byArthur Miller. the correlativities of past events with the occurrences of the present are mostly illustrated. In different points of position. three alone angles of issues are considered the primary topics associating to the repeats of yesteryear and the failures of deciding the perennial struggle.

For John Proctor. the nativeCapital of oregonhusbandman. he is confronted by the issues of matter with his old amah. and maltreatment issues with his current. Meanwhile. Abigail Williams. the niece of the Reverend. has experienced being confronted by her fondnesss and emotional fond regards that damaged one relationship ; nevertheless. after the incident in the yesteryear. it has now grown capable of damaging the community. Last. Elizabeth Proctor. the married woman of John Proctor. has been confronted by trust issues towards her hubby in the early parts of the film.

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which finally evolved in trust struggles that led to the doomed of her loved 1.


Persuasive Arguments

The three primary characters of the film are the best illustration of certain persons who fail to larn from their yesteryears and unconsciously reiterate the similar case. yet still stop up being trapped within its dens. In the narrative of crucible. the secret plan of has revolved in a latter medieval puting wherein a community happens to fall in the societal fright towards the distributing intelligence of witchery. It has been initiated by a group of locals headed by Abigail Williams who happened to bring on illness towards the girl of Reverend Samuel Parris. Betty Parris.

In such event. the Reverend. being concerned to his repute than his ill girl. has initiated the broad hunt against the corruptnesss of these alleged enchantresss. The Hunt and legal tests have all revolved in the fraud use and prevarications brought by Abigail. which in the terminal corrupted assorted inexperienced persons of their community. including the twosome. John Proctor and Elizabeth.

Get downing with John Proctor. his character in the film possesses the pride of being a Salem indigen and the attitude of a hard-working hubby. However. his yesteryear has revolved in the issue of holding an matter with his former amah. Abigail. Markedly in the act 1. Abigail tries to lure and convey back the events of her yesteryear with John Proctor.

“I can non kip for dreamin’ ; I can non woolgather but I wake and walk about the house as though I’d find you comin’ through some door ( Act 1 ) . ”

However. John denies any attractive force towards her and points out that the issue of their matter should non come out to the populace. Such scenario illustrates the historical error of Proctor. peculiarly in mistreating his authorization towards his retainer. Hence. the yesteryear of Proctor is able to catch up to his present in latter part of the narrative. Abigail has brought the name of his married woman. Elizabeth. to the courtroom and branded her as one of the enchantresss.

Meanwhile. prior to the incidents of his first error with Abigail. he is still unable to larn from the struggles produced by his maltreatment of authorization ; hence. he repeats the maltreatment of power towards his retainer Mary Warren. Due to John’s failure of recognizing the struggles brought by his history with Abigail. his brush with Mary has brought him within the walls when Mary branded him as the warlock who manipulated her ideas in order to falsely impeach the locals. In the terminal. since Proctor is non able to larn his lessons in mistreating his first retainer. the repeat of the history has brought him a more violent effect. which leads to his decease trail.

Meanwhile. Abigail is besides confronted by the same incidents of reiterating history and the failure of groking the effects of her action. In the narrative. Abigail is considered the manipulative character able to lure the manhood of Proctor ; hence. taking to their illegal matter. After Elizabeth discovered the matter. she decides to direct out Abigail vacating her from her servitude. In defence to her soiled name and broken figure. she brags about Elizabeth’s dominative intervention towards her. However. due to the incident. Abigail has considerable ruined the matrimonial relationship between John and Elizabeth. particularly sing the position of Elizabeth’s trust towards her hubby after the incident.

Despite of the problem she has implicated to the twosome. Abigail still pursues her aspiration of obtaining back Proctor. and in her preferable procedure. she has enticed the populace with her prevarications and accusals of witchery to assorted adult females within their community including Elizabeth. During the 2nd repeat of her struggle. Abigail now amendss the lives of assorted adult females in her community ( i. e. Mary Warren. Sarah Good. Goody Osborne ) . In the instance of the couple’s relationship. Abigail’s lies and temptation have caused farther quandary to both Elizabeth and John by holding them imprisoned and branded as enchantresss.

Last. Elizabeth Proctor. being the faithful and loving married woman of John Proctor. has been confronted by her trust issues towards her hubby after detecting John’s matter with Abigail. In the Act II. Elizabeth has manifested her anxiousness and paranoia on the possible repeat of error that his hubby did with their former retainer. After the first incident. Elizabeth finds it difficult to swear her hubby and most of the clip suspects him of being with Abigail. Such struggle has foremost resulted to the statement of the twosome.

However. during the 2nd clip Elizabeth’s trust to her hubby is tested in Act III. Elizabeth is non able to grok and swear the programs of his hubby. When John decides to asseverate the claims of his matter with Abigail in order to interrupt the clasp of Abigail to the courtroom. Elizabeth is asked to formalize the statements of her hubby ; nevertheless. due to the struggles of trust. and fright of staining the name and pride of Salem community and her hubby. she decides to deny the claims made by John. In this 2nd brush. the effects have led their relationship to farther shatter go forthing them both separated by prison walls and the accusals of witchery pattern made by Mary Warren against John Proctor and Abigail Williams against Elizabeth Proctor.

Obviously in the film. the three characters have shown how history can reiterate itself and farther causes heightened impact during its 2nd happening. Since the lessons in their yesteryears have been neglected. the repeats of the struggles have placed their present in heavier effects.

Personal Position

From the latter analysis of the construct through the film –The Crucible. it is possible to reason the philosophical truth in the initial statement. “those who can non larn from history are doomed to reiterate it. ” In fact. the calamities of the narrative have revolved in uninterrupted sequences of their function struggles. peculiarly ( 1 ) John Proctor’s failure of acknowledging his ill-treatment actions over his subsidiaries. ( 2 ) Abigail William’s failure to recognize the amendss she have been implicating towards the coupe and finally towards her community. and ( 3 ) Elizabeth Proctor’s trust issues towards her one time unfaithful hubby. Evidenced by the struggles and calamities of the narrative. the failure of really recognizing the determinations and activities that led to peculiar events possess greater possibility of happening in the hereafter.

Even in existent life state of affairss. from larger positions of society to personal experiences. negative events in the past most of the clip occur in the present. particularly when the primary cause/s of the job is/are non determined. Learning from the events of the yesteryear is an indispensable preventative undertaking in order to avoid the possibility of reiterating the errors and incorrect determinations created in the yesteryear.

Some of the celebrated events that illustrate insistent history due to the failure of sabotaging the triggers of these errors are ( 1 ) the events of World War I and its subsequence – World War II. ( 2 ) Racial Civil war of Blacks and Whites taking to broad factional stereotypes which should hold been resolved if the people in the past realized the indifferences merely of tegument and civilization. ( 3 ) the bombarding of Pearl seaport to the deathly Hiroshima Bombing which should hold been prevented if Nipponese realize that the purposes of the Pearl Harbor cantonment were non against the Nipponese state.

Obviously. the statement. “the violent brushs of the past contain valuable lessons about deciding the struggle” . can be considered a factual justification back uping the initial sentence discussed in latter part. The occurrences of the present mostly depend on what has really occurred in the yesteryear ; hence. without recognizing the lesions. the possible causes of errors. the triggers of ruin. and the cardinal wrong of Acts of the Apostless in the yesteryear. the events of the past tend to reiterate itself. Clearly. every occurrence in the past provide important lessons. which can expose itself either straight or indirectly. and it is merely up to worlds to find these possible declarations.

From the illustrations given in real-time scene. ( 1 ) World War II should hold been prevented if the Japanese learned the powers of United States ; ( 2 ) the Racial Civil war between Blacks and Whites should hold been prevented if White persons did supply equal intervention towards Black people and based their judgement in the rules of humanity – non in the colour of the tegument ; ( 3 ) Hiroshima Bombing should hold been prevented if Nipponese military personnels had non bombarded the pearl seaport base cantonments merely because of an premise of possible program of onslaught plotted within the cantonment.

Obviously. declarations are presented every clip an incident or even when a simple result of determination occurs. From simple errors to larger range of amendss. declarations are ever born from determination that initiates an consequence. From three different positions. the characters of John Proctor. Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor. have performed actions in the yesteryear. which finally hunted their present yearss.

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