Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” Essay

The following sample essay on “Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” “. Unfair Justice Systems ; A comparing of the West Memphis Three and The CrucibleImagine posing at place one dark and holding constabulary officers show up at your hosiery and apprehension you for a offense you had no thought was committed. Three teenage male childs in West Memphis. Arkansas and over 39 characters in The Crucible went through precisely that. The West Memphis three is the test of three teenage male childs who were charged with killing two eight-year-old oys in the forests and taking a hatred group.

The test portrayed in The Crucible are based on the existent life Salem Witch Trials. the accused in the drama were charged with witchery. Evidence in both instances was deficient and largely oculus witnessed.

Both offenses committed were abstract and referred to as the Satans work. All accused in both tests were doomed from the beginning. In The Crucible to salvage oneself if accused 1 must squeal to something they didnt do and so name people that did make it.

fundamentally if they wanted to populate thy had to lie and impeach other guiltless people. The West Memphis three had to travel through the tribunal system with corrupt people lying and no manner to turn out themselves guiltless.

Arthur Miller portrayed the grounds in The Crucible as merely oculus witness histories and junior-grade concluding. such as the ability to forge a swoon. The characters that danced in the forests were considered dependable and what they said was all that was needed to convict the people of witchery.

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In the existent life histories of the West Memphis three. the grounds used against the adolescents were black Metallica shirts. the confession that didnt fit the incident. and equals that told the constabulary that they overheard one of the adolescents say they were traveling to kill two male childs. The equals narrative subsequently changed when under curse but the justice reffered back to the first narrative to assist convict the accused. In both instances the accusers could non counter argue the grounds because it was their word against the informants.

Before the West Memphis trials the constabulary had a confession from all three teenage male childs. T was used against them in tribunal. The ground for the confession. some argue. is a status called Satanic Panic. Person who has Satanic Panic creates false memories that place themselves at the scene of the offense they were accused of. The offense usually is devil related. for illustration colza. thaumaturgy. and jujus are all known as the work of the Satan. Peoples who are diagnosed with Satanic Panic are usually besides diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. The enchantresss in The Crucible were charged with harming others with thaumaturgy. They had to squeal themselves to maintain themselves from being hanged. This is an illustration of how Demonic Panic is described. When Mary Warren says. Its non a fast one! I-I used to conk because I-I thought I saw liquors. ( miller 47 ) she is depicting Hysteria. or Satanic Panic ; she created the liquors because the other misss saw the.

In The Crucible Hale. an expert in the country of witchery. played a big function in the courtroom. In the test of the adolescents there was a physician who was an expert in the country of stanic terror. Bing experts in such countries are difficult to turn out. the physician of demonic terror did non hold a grade or any cogent evidence that he studied such a topic. He simply stated that he has worked with patients claiming to make things because the Satan told them to. In the drama Hale merely forces people to squeal to salvage their lives. which is non the work of a physician but more of a inducer. Both work forces subsequently on reviewed the instance. the accused. and the grounds and wanted to salvage the guiltless people. Hale describes his alteration of sentiment by stating. Let you non misidentify your responsibility as I mistook my ain. ( miller 58 ) THey besides were unsuccessful.

Both offenses are abstract. significance that there is no grounds attainable for a merely strong belief. but both offenses have serious effects. In The Crucible the people who denied being a enchantress were sentenced to be hanged. Two of the adolescents were sentenced to be hanged. Two of the adolescents were sentenced to life in prison and the last was sentenced to decease by injection. Is that just? The adolescents still had a full life in forepart of them but because they were used as whipping boies. it was cut short. Can you name a justness system that convicts people for such offenses merely? The 1994 instance of the West Memphis three and the 1953 play The Crucible have similarities.

Abstract strong beliefs. false accusals. and unfair executings are all portion of both tests. Neither history is something to be proud of. nor should such times be repeated. When you look at such similar occures. which are separated by four decennaries. you begin to inquire if worlds truly learn from their errors. Jessie Misskelley. Damien Echols. and Jason Baldwin. the West Memphis three. are sitting in gaol ; they have been at that place for 5220 yearss and expecting their decease. Spreading cognition of this horrid instance and raising support could assist acquire them and appeal and salvage three guiltless people.

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