It seems that since technology becomes prevailing in modern life, people can’t manage anything without it. It’s helpful in daily life, but there are many surveys starting to focus on the dark side of technology. Even when it comes to the topic of children’s creativity, technology plays a negative role as well. In my opinion, it’s reasonable to view technology in a more critical way when almost all people are overwhelmed by its fantasy.

Generally speaking, technology brings convenience into people’s life.

But, such convenience sometimes does impact everything involved in human life to be easier. The easiness in some aspects are welcome, but if people, especially children, are used to thinking in an easier way, a disaster may occur. In the past, children played in a relatively natural and physical world. They came across various ‘stuff’ which stimulated their curiosity even the desire of exploration. Then they analysed and concluded everything that they thought were similar.

And finally they found something marvellous which enlightened their perspectives. In some of these cases, some of them even created new ideas which changed traditional concepts. However, nowadays, children avoid opportunities to approach the realistic world. It seems that everything can be solved by technology. They use smartphones to send information; GPS to look for a location; Internet to find solutions without rigorous thinking. They are accustomed to thinking easily with the help of technology. This is the first disaster.

Modern Technology Example

Secondly, technology occupies too much time of children.

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They play computer games to kill time and enjoy chatting on the Internet. Even though there are always campaigns to prevent children from addiction, they still spend much time in front of the computer. No time leaving computers means no time spending on thinking. If they don’t have time to think about what they have already experienced, what creative ideas can be expe…

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