Technology in Modern Life

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The following sample essay on “Technology”: in this Modern time, individuals can’t envision their existence without technology since it assumes a required Role in everybody’s life. Technology can be an amazing asset for changing learning. Technology enhances the personal satisfaction and proficiency in training, drugs, transportation, and diversion, etc. Cell phones, workstations, PCs, radio, and TVs are additionally part of technology apparatuses. There are numerous long-range informal communication locales accessible on the Internet like YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Snap chat through which individuals can speak with their family members and friends who lived far from them.

Technology has made the existence a lot simpler than the past because with the assistance of technology individuals can share their any news, thoughts and plan everywhere throughout the world in almost no time. Everybody in this world knows about these long-range interpersonal communication applications also utilize a portion of these applications to impart my emotions and thoughts to other people.

Presently when I looked through my name on Google then it had demonstrated numerous outcomes with a similar name.

I have seen such a significant number of Facebook users and their photographs which they have a post as their profile pictures and cover photos, however, I didn’t discover any reference of myself since I don’t utilize Facebook to connect with other people. I mainly utilize my Instagram and Snap chat to speak with others and to share my status as well as stories. I like Instagram and snap chat most instead of Facebook.

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But Here I should need to talk about my Instagram account since this is the perfect site in case we have to impart our great and terrible occasions to other people. On the off chance that we need to impart our perspectives to strangers, we can share our views just by following them. I was played cricket in India. I normally posted my cricket videos to my Instagram friends. Sometimes, I share the pictures and status to help poor people which perfectly describes my personality. So, they can share their views and thoughts about it. They mostly liked my cricket videos.

If we talk about huge five inventory types that is agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness, and neuroticism then it demonstrates my identity incorrect way since I am capable, sorted out and loyal individual. I mainly do my work with appropriate fixation and in some cases, I make a special effort to help other people individuals. I constantly prefer to do imaginative and unsafe things throughout my life which discloses me to the reality of life and give the readiness to do work. These types additionally appear by my Instagram account since I generally converse with those individuals who oversee their work, pursue the standards, directions of their nation and working environment.

I trust that I have a connection between my personality characteristics and online networking since I am a communicative and friendly individual. I generally attempt to acquainted with others to get learning about their societies. Additionally, on the off chance that we need to keep our Instagram account private and secure, there are numerous choices accessible on the Instagram like protection on personalized details, password with the assistance of these alternatives individuals can keep their record private and secure. There are additionally a few outcomes which demonstrate that individuals who are an outgoing person or extrovert in nature they like to utilize social media mostly. I am also that kind who likes to search the sites most.

After the finishing of this task, I came to know plenty of things about my identity. My identity discloses to me that I am a sorted out individual and I like to do everything deliberately. As we realize that the present period is the time of technology and social media so it is necessary for each individual to get acquainted with social sites through which they can get information about their identity.

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Technology in Modern Life
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