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Catapult Experiment

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This research project has given us the possibility to merge together a few of the things that we really enjoy and transform it into a knowledgeable research project. Choosing an idea and topic for this project was honestly that hardest part of the whole process, yet, after some research and thinking, we came up with a creative and fun idea. We decided to build our own mini catapult out of regular school supplies and see what we could do.

This broad idea was later on narrowed down to our research question which is “How does the mass of an object affect the distance it can be thrown by a catapult?”. We immediately understood that this project will let us be creative, have fun and easily interpret our previously learned knowledge. This project seemed very appealing to us because we could also take so much of what we have been learning and put it into real life.

We had learned about projectiles and we have down catapult launching simulations, yet, there is something so immensely satisfying about creating something yourself, it also makes it a lot easier to learn something since you are a lot more engaged and interested. This is why we thought this idea is perfect for our physics research project. We were able to apply our prior knowledge, have fun and learn new things all at once. Before gathering any materials or planning the process, that we will talk about later on, we formed a hypothesis.

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Our hypothesis was and is that the smaller an object is in mass the further it will travel in distance. The results portrayed a little bit later show if our hypothesis is correct.

As mentioned before we used simple school supplies to build our catapult such as: pencils, string, rubber bands, and glue. Our catapult is small, yet it still works efficiently. We started our experiment by coming up with our research question and hypothesis. After that, we divided our variables into different groups. With that done, we started to bu…

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Catapult Science Fair Project Hypothesis
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