Dna Extraction Lab Hypothesis

This sample paper on Dna Extraction Lab Hypothesis offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.

Extraction and purification of DNA are the first steps in the analysis and manipulation of DNA that allow scientists to detect genetic disorders, produce DNA finger rings of individuals, and even create genetically engineered organisms that c an produce beneficial products such insulin, antibiotics, and hormones. DON A can be extracted from many types of cells.

For this lab, we extracted DNA from a strawberry and our own cheek cells.

D AN can be extracted from cells by a simple technique with household chemicals, enable Eng us to see strands of DNA with the naked eye. In this lab, we added a buffer solution composed of salt, clear dish detergent, and denizen d water for procedure the strawberry part). For procedure 2( our cheek cells), e used the same buffer solution but added red food coloring so we can dusting sushi the DNA from the rest of the cellular components because it was all a white mixture.

Finally, ethanol was added in the test tubes because DNA is soluble in w eater and alcohol causes DNA to isolate from the solution, leaving behind all the c alular components that aren’t soluble in alcohol. These solutions allow the break kiddo of lipids surrounding the DNA such as the nuclear envelope and proteins that make up a cell membrane. A few minutes later, clumps of a white substances e that looks like mucus can be seen.

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That mixture of DNA an be spooled with a stirring rod and pulled out of the solution.

Why Does The Dna Become Visible When In Alcohol

Design for procedure 1: Hypothesis – when DNA extraction buffer is added to a strawberry mixture the DNA becomes visible. Dependent variable: DNA in strawberry Independent variable: DNA extraction buffer Control group: Strawberry mixture in the bag without the buffer Experimental group: strawberry mixture with DNA extraction buffer Design for procedure 2: Hypothesis when you gargle salt water your cheek cells get suspended in the salt water after being spit out. Dependent: cheek cells Independent: salt water Control group: regular water

Experimental: salt water Materials for 1st Procedure: DNA extraction buffer (900 ml of denizen water, 50 ml of CLC AR dishwashing detergent, 2 teaspoons of salt), a whole straw Webber, suspicious bag, plastic cups, cheesecloth, funnel, test tubes, pipette, paper towel, stirring rod, and ethanol Materials for 2nd procedure: DNA extraction buffer (900 ml of denizen water, 50 ml of CLC ear dishwashing detergent, 2 teaspoons of salt), a whole straw Webber, suspicious bag, plastic CUPS, cheesecloth, funnel, test tubes, pipette, paper towel, stirring rod, red food coloring, and ethanol Method for procedure 1:

We began this part of the lab by adding a strawberry to a Copilot storage back and one of our group members used her hands to smash the strawberry. W e then added 10 ml of the DNA extraction buffer. We mashed the strawberry in the buffer for one minute. Then, we used a funnel and cheesecloth (or coffee e filters) to filter the strawberry juice into a single test tube or beaker. After the at, we slowly poured cold ethanol or 91% spoilsport alcohol over the top o f the strawberry mixture. To get a single layer of clear ethanol on top of the strawberry mixture, we used a pipette to add the ethanol.

When we observed who tie strands forming in the ethanol layer, we used an inoculating loop or stirring rod to spool the strands. Method for procedure 2: We first select a group member to participate in the experiment. We obtained a cup and poured 200 MI of drinking water and added two teaspoons of salt . He (Frank) gargled the salt water for 1 minute. After the minute was up, he spit the gargled water into another cup. By doing this, his cheek cells were e now suspended in the salt water. He gently stirred the salt water with o en drop of soap.

We then mixed 20 ml spoilsport alcohol and 13 drops of DOD coloring in a separate beaker. Then, we transferred the gargled salt water/ soap solution to a test tube to make it easier to see the DNA. After, we gently pop rued the colored alcohol over the top of the gargled water and it formed a layer on top. We waited for about 2. 5 minutes and we saw white clumps and strings forming. THIS WAS DNA! FRR Ann. Then used a stirring rod to spool the clumps of DNA out of the solution. Analysis What does DNA look like?

The DNA is in the form of a spider web. Why is it important for scientists to be able to remove DNA from cells? It is important because DNA shows the genetic makeup of organisms and are the building blocks of differentiation between organisms. What is the role of detergent, ethanol, and salt in the extraction process? Deters .NET allows the breakdown of the nuclear membrane so DNA can come out. Ethan 01 allows DNA to clump up so it can be extracted much easier. Salt helps put and keep the DNA together. Is there DNA in your food?

How do you know? Why are you not harmed (or altered) by ingesting the DNA of another organism? What implication does this have for farmers who would use GM (genetically modified) plants? Yes, there is DNA in our food; the strawberry DNA extraction experiment proved this to be true. We are not harmed by the DNA because they can’t survive the internal conditions of our body. Once they enter the acidic environment of our stomachs, they are broken down and they can no longer function properly or at all; they are denatured.

Therefore, they are not able to harm us. Its implication is that they can continue using it since it doesn’t harm our cells. Conclusion To recap, DNA is a small molecule composed of four nucleotide bases; Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine, Guanine pairing with Cytosine, and Thymine pap inning with Adenine. The DNA is in the shape of double helix strands. DNA is the bal preprint to life; every living thing contains DNA From this lab, our group has learned how to extract DNA from strawberries and ourselves and have it made visible to the naked eye.

Strawberries have eight sets of chromosomes. For procedure 1 , the goal is to e extract DNA from the strawberry. The purpose of the lab is to extract the DNA from the cells and observe it visibly with the human eye. In order to extract DNA from them, you must simply take the pink strawberry solution. By using ethanol, detergent, and salt, you will e that DNA will soon become visible, making it appear as a white mucus or in a spider formation.

That’s how you can see it is ready for access able extraction. For procedure 2, the same buffer is used to extra CT DNA from ones’ cheek cells, but is dyed red to distinguish the DON A from other components. The solutions used for both procedures break down substances surrounding the DNA , such as the nuclear envelope, proteins, and other components. Once clumps of a white substance ( DNA) become visible, they can be pulled out of the test TU be with a stirring rod and examined without a microscope!

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Dna Extraction Lab Hypothesis
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