Telstra SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategies Essay

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IntroductionTelstra Corporation is a telecommunications and information services company. It provides a scope of services including fixed line services. Internet entree. and concern services. Telstra is the market leader in the telecommunication industry in Australia. with one of the most outstanding trade name names. However. its merchandises and operating services face an increasing menace from rivals. An analysis with recommendations of Telstra selling is necessary in order to better its public presentation.

2. 0 SWOT Analysis2. 1 Strengths•Telstra is one of the biggest trade names in Australia and dominates the taking concern place of telecommunications and information services in this state.

•Telstra owns and operates an extended web substructure which will give it a competitory advantage over industry challengers. whose webs fail to cover all of Australia. particularly the distant and rural countries of the state.

•Telstra has the latest engineering on Mobile ( Next G Network ) and broadband ( ADSL 2 Plus ) to vie with other telecomm operators.

•Telstra has 115 owned Telstra branded shops and 153 accredited stores that are strategically located across Australia.

2. 2 Weaknesses•Telstra is deficiency of enterprise to diversify internationally and limits its growing scheme.

•The monetary value of nomadic phone and broadband programs are much higher than those of the other companies.

•Telstra reduced fixed line advertisement and invested a immense budget on advancing new merchandises such as Next G Network.

•Telstra is maintaining concentrating on postpaid Mobile phone programs instead than prepaid nomadic phone.

2. 3 Opportunities•Telstra is the Australian government’s contracted informations provider. Through a authorities enterprise. Telstra expanded its CDMA web to rural countries.

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Therefore. the company has one of the most extended CDMA webs in Australia.

•Telstra has expanded their services into a extremely demanded subdivision of the telecommunications market with the execution of 3G. It leads to the increasing demand for broadband.

•The increasing demand for broadband has been a displacement from dial-up to ADSL 2 Plus broadband connexions. And seemingly. it will be followed by the immense demand for the faster Internet entree among the bing users.

2. 4 Threats•The nomadic phone market about reaches impregnation in Australia.

•The client behaviour has significantly changed ; Telstra will happen it progressively hard to vie for new clients.

•Telecomm equipment was damaged by bushfires.

•ACCC mandated entree to Telstra’s local web by publishing local cringle unbundling makes the competition fierce in Australian telecom market.

3. 0 Marketing Situation Analysis3. 1 Existing and Potential SegmentsIt is really of import to specify market in footings of section. as it will ease fine-tuning the attempts to aim the market.

Based on Telstra’s selling research. the mark sections are aimed towards understanding and fulfilling its client demands ( Shanahan 2006 ) . As Telstra services a broad demographic of clients. its merchandises are segmented harmonizing to the different mark markets.

Telstra’s nucleus concerns are land lines. nomadic phones. cyberspace and information services. And its current sections are single & A ; household. little concern. concern endeavor and authorities. Basically. Telstra has covered most of the available sections in its concerns. For the future enlargement of Telstra. the company should supply better services to the bing cleavages and besides aim the international market.

Telstra could offer new services such as music downloads and streaming media. which require broadband entree velocities. development of faster and cheaper broadband engineerings. and authorities plans to widen broadband coverage. For nomadic phone clients. Telstra could add more 3G content for diversenesss need. This altering tendency would be one of the cardinal growing drivers for Telstra.

As the biggest telecommunication supplier in Australia. Telstra should widen its market internationally. Developing states. such as China and India. are the possible market for Telstra in the Asia-Pacific part. And the mark sections may include rural country ( Farms ) . concern and authorities.

3. 2 Telstra Market PositioningTelstra’s mark sections are based on cognizing clients and run intoing their demands. And its placement scheme is to show the valuable differences on merchandises and services offered and create competitory advantages. To place Telstra and capture its mark sections most efficaciously. the followerss need to be taken into consideration: •Important: the cardinal difference to advance is the range and dependability of Telstra merchandises and services.

•Distinctive: advance the typical characteristics such as the easy entree to broadband via Mobile. Satellite. ADSL2 Plus and the drawn-out characteristics of utilizing nomadic phones.

•Superior: promote quality and the multi-functional applications of our merchandises and that services are superior to most of our rivals.

•Communicable: the above mentioned characteristics are catching and clients can easy place the differences.

•Affordable: the above mentioned competitory advantages offer high value benefits and our mark market can afford the monetary values.

•Profitable: one of the cardinal standards for choosing the above competitory advantages is that the company can present them productively.

4. 0 Marketing aims: The selling aims of Telstra for the hereafter market are: •To section the industry and concentrate upon the mark client group in the identified mark part.

•To create public consciousness plans targeted at these markets and place them consequently.

•To place the company as unique. offering specific merchandises to the mark clients that satisfy their demands.

•To continue international enlargement and growing. peculiarly in Asia Pacific Region.

5. 0 Marketing StrategiesThe 7 P’s selling scheme is the cardinal component in marketing maps. All the selling aims mentioned above can be achieved in pattern by bettering the current bing selling strategies5. 1 ProductTelstra provides assorted merchandises and services in the telecommunications industry. They are land lines. nomadic phones and the cyberspace.

Telstra must guarantee that its merchandises are run intoing the demands of the clients. In a merchandise life rhythm. the different characteristics of the merchandise should be observed. such as quality confidence. engineering and visual aspect. For case. after the cyberspace velocity is observed to execute ill through customers’ experiences. Telstra need to maintain the broadband innovate and better the public presentation.

Telstra ferociously competes with the bing conventional nomadic phone service suppliers. and the turning market and untapped potency will present Telstra to the more ferocious competition. Consequently. the point is to distinguish Telstra on the impression of customers’ services and merchandises invention. and set up Telstra as a Modern high-tech telecomm company.

Customer service could be one of the competitory advantages. Therefore. Telstra should better the ways to supply information or aid such as through 3G phone broadband. S. M. S and video message to clients.

5. 2 PriceTelstra seems to put monetary values higher than rivals on some of its merchandises offered. This means that the house is less willing to take part in monetary value wars and is more willing to repair monetary values.

The pricing policy that Telstra chooses will reflect the market aimed at. Monetary values may be set to pull clients or to maximise net income. They may even be prepared to endure from short-run losingss in order to obtain a big market portion. Telstra may utilize such pricing policies as cost based pricing ( monetary values are based upon costs ) . market orientated pricing ( monetary values are based upon the analysis of the market ) and competition based pricing ( monetary values are mostly based on how rivals charge for their merchandises ) .

5. 3 PromotionTelstra would utilize publicity techniques to derive a competitory advantage. This could be done by above-the-line publicity ( publicity through an independent media ) . such as telecasting advertizements. newspaper advertizements. wireless and postings advertizements. and below-the-line publicity ( the house has a grade of control over the methods it uses ) . such as personal merchandising. direct mailing. trade carnivals and merchandise indorsements.

Telstra has spent a batch of money on large name sponsorships such as Telstra Dome. Telstra Stadium and National Rugby League. However. patronizing a name may non be the best manner to pull clients. Telstra can cut down the outgo on large name publicity and put more money on advertisement through other methods such as nomadic phone S. M. S competition. blue tooth engagement study and unrecorded experience narratives on Telstra’s merchandises.

5. 4 PlaceTelstra shops are widely located throughout Australia. Telstra should maintain up their attempts on good placement in order to derive a non-price competitory advantage over the other market suppliers.

For international market. it’s good for Telstra to turn up its ain stores in the chief metropoliss of other states instead than hold a joint venture with local traders. It will construct up Telstra’s image and trade name acknowledgment in those states.

5. 5 PeoplePeople with assorted non-English speech production backgrounds are employed by Telstra to function consumers. That is a cardinal component to fulfill the clients.

Telstra takes people into consideration in the selling mix really earnestly. Therefore. it should maintain developing staff in order to cover with clients better. and holding the staff seting themselves in the customer’s place to understand what the clients want and speaking to the clients on the same degree. for illustration. they should non utilize proficient slang to the clients.

5. 6 Physical EvidenceEven though the good is intangible. the client can still experience that the physical environment of the shops. This will be displayed by the spending of the shops and the memorabilia such as Rugby squad shirts in the instance of Telstra.

The psychical grounds is really of import because it will act upon the customers’ first feeling to the merchandises. The Telstra shops are clean and tidy. However. compared with Vodafone and Hutchison 3. Telstra shops are excessively crowded and packed in the metropolis. Therefore. in order to derive a better image from clients. Telstra should re-arrange the merchandises show and do more infinites for clients in peak hr times.

5. 7 ProcessSometimes Telstra will hold some study to clients in order to supply better services. For illustration. clients will be asked about the jutting clip spent on the phone and what clip they use the phone or international calls in order to happen the best trade. However. this may be a hinderance to the clients. particularly when they feel that excessively many inquiries are asked.

Telstra should see the merchandising procedure as an of import component. if it hopes that the clients can acquire their merchandises as fast as possible and what the clients require. The enigma shopping revealed that client was being pressurized by staff when buying a Telstra Mobile phone. It resulted in an unenjoyable experience for the client. Besides. the new users took a longer clip to use for the latest engineering following G web due to strangeness with the new merchandise.

Telstra should develop staff to service clients better in order to do the clients get the merchandises they want without fuss. A more efficient manner to buy merchandises and services on the Telstra web site will besides rush up the purchasing procedure.

6. 0 Selling Actions and ProcessesFor Telstra’s future enlargement and effectual execution of the selling schemes mentioned supra. the undermentioned selling actions need to be executed: •Continuing to transform its corporate civilization and assign an image embassador to better public dealingss with the corporate aim of functioning the clients better.

•Establishing on-going staff preparations in order to update new products’ information and service clients better•Promotions on advanced merchandises and services including a scope of informations and information services such as wireless communications markets and 3G webs.

•Collecting informations and feedback from clients and suggestions on merchandises and services.

•Marketing selected international investing. acquisition and confederations. peculiarly with endeavors engaged in nomadic telecommunications. informations. the Internet or content-based concerns.

•Using its broadband capablenesss to develop and market extra broadband applications and to foster penetrate to the wage telecasting market in Australia.

7. 0 Marketing Measurement and Monitoring ProcessesTelstra can implement assorted measuring and monitoring techniques to accomplish the selling aims better.

•Gain feedbacks from Telstra clients through questionnaires•Give feedbacks to employees on their public presentation through training•Regard service quality of the employees as a critical standard in the motive mechanism•Record the gross revenues of each employee to bespeak the efficiency respectively•Monitor client and employee interactions during concern operations•Measure the alteration in abroad market share8. 0 ConclusionThe selling schemes are prepared for accomplishing Telstra’s selling aims. Currently Telstra has merely few direct rivals. However. the untapped and possible market will surely present Telstra to core rivals in the hereafter.

The new Next G Network market is still in nascent phase and to be explored. The entry to this market gives Telstra many chances to research and derive footage in the market but at the same time it is accompanied by many challenges.

The turning concern about engineering inventions will heighten the market growing in the hereafter ; this tendency is a major input to the continuity in this concern. Telstra still has to go on research and development to make better merchandises with improved characteristics.

9. 0 Mentions

Shanahan J. 2006. Consumer-centricity: An thought whose Time Has Come. Australian Marketing Institute. viewed on 5 December 2006. Optus. viewed 24 January 2007 Hutchison 3. viewed 24 January 2007. Telstra. viewed 24 January 2007 Vodafone. viewed 24 January 2007 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. vodafone. com. au/ & gt ;

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