Analysis of Dell’s Mustang Computer and Marketing Strategies

Dell is one of the leading hardware corporations on the PC market today. It provides customers with new products trying to satisfy all their needs. According to the observations, “For over 28 years Dell has been driven to the Listen, Learn, and Deliver concept to create its hierarchy in technology.”(Computer: Profile, 2012) that helps it to stay one the most profitable companies. However, the market competition is becoming more and more strained and demands from the companies new ideas and new products.

To bypass the competition, Dell provided the market with its new product – Ford Mustang Performance Line that has many advantages comparing to computers of other corporations.

To overcome marketing challenges, Dell carried on more than 25,000 conversations with customers via social media to satisfy all buyer’s needs. This business strategy made Dell a successful competitor on the PC market. According to Dell managers, “What we learn from our customers online helps us be a better company and deliver the precise products and services our customers need to be successful.

” (Dell uses, 2012). The result of this communication is Mustang Line that tries to deliver as many technology needs as possible. With the help of its customers, Dell provided the market with a new improved model of the modern PC.

With new model, Mustang computer, Dell wants to capture both PC markets: organizational buyers and consumers, trying to meet all needs of its customers by supplying their new model with additional attributes. The company should present the abundance of advanced features of this model to the PC arena and persuade the customers that all its advantages justify the price which they going to pay for

Firstly, its AMD ADX640WFK42GM Athlon II X4 640 Quad Core Processor is one of the main attributes of this model.

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It provides the user with fast completing of several commands at the same time. One more feature that makes the computer to work faster is its coolant ability. It provides the computer with working much longer without high heating of the processor. According to the conversations that were conducted by Dell via social media, waiting for the fast work of the computer meanwhile connected to the Internet is one of the most nervous things. Now user should not wait for a long time till all the commands are simultaneously conducted, being connected to the Internet. Mustang functions fast without pauses. Furthermore, Mustang model is supplied with virtual private network (VPN) that fasters the work of the computer and makes it possible for a user to work without waiting.

Another advanced attribute that makes this model high-demanded on the target market is a big storage space for data. User can save an enormous amount of data that satisfies every buying market (organizational and customer). Moreover, Dell’s model is installed with modern Operating System which helps customers to install easily all software that they need. In addition to this, the computer is easy to use. When you do not need it, it looks like a modern car setting on the wooden plaque. Moreover, as it is researched, “the computer is manufactured in a way that minimizes system supervisions in the course of operation.” (Roger, Steven, 2011).

Although Mustang computer has many advantages, a successful marketing strategy has to be conducted for a capture of the PC market. The main marketing strategy for the leadership of Dell’s Mustang Computer on the PC arena is the ability to present how essential are the computer attributes for the customers. Dell should convince the customer market that its new product will satisfy all their needs. Furthermore, the design of the model can be improved for satisfying larger amount of customers. It is obvious that its look is more oriented on males than on females. That is why inventors should create new additional design that would be more preferable among women and would help to make a female market base.

In conclusion, although Dell’s Mustang computer has a big potential to function successfully on the PC market and bring profit to its corporation, it has also some weaknesses (for example, limited market base) that can reduce the profit of the product. Consequently, Dell should improve its marketing strategies for a successful functioning on the PC market.

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