There are many strengths that you could look when viewing a coming and how they would e able to move forward. There are three major strengths in which you should look at in which would include if the company is producing a product with a rather low elasticity of demand. In which would allow the company to be able to make fluctuations to the prices If It would be needed without there being any lost.

Also another strength that should be recognized would be the company ability to function in an oligopoly in which has a significantly high barrier in which may limit the domestic competitors in which the company would not have to compete with and/or against.

And the last thing that should be looked at when looking a company strengths would be If the company would be able to establish a long lasting relationships within the industry in which would include the suppliers, consumers, as well as transportation for the product to be ship etc.

A well-established company established company Is able to generate capital In which could create a chance for economy of scales for the company. (Hill, 2014) There are three major weakness that a company should focus on in which the first one would be the loss of reputation for quality. Tugged in which is taking a major and/or big risk changing moving the company to south Korea in which would affect the cost of leadership. In which would be a down fall for corresponding to the quality In which could suffer a major lost and would potential led to a recall on several and millions of automobiles.

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M. U. S. E, 2014) Another weakness would be not being able to function in an oligopoly in which the company would not be able to fluctuate with pricing in which then would be limited for the company. Tugged has a relatively Inelastic of the products that they have ND the company prices will be dictated as well the company will be monitored by the competitors pricing for the company to be able to compete and/or competitive. If Tugged prices was to increase and not be able to match the competitors pricing the organization would potential lost their market share.

Swot Peugeot

And finally the weakness of a company would be uncertainty that a company Is able to rebuild the company’s brand as well as grow a market share. In which would give the competition an 1 OFF advantage to De addle to Improve tenet company market snare In wanly would owe Owe o poor performance of a company as well as recall and any fines that the company may have occurred over the years in which they will continue to have to be able to grow the market share.

It can only be estimated how long the process could possible take as well as the cost of what it would be for the company to consider a rebinding plan for the company. (Hill, 2014) Differentiation within the market place would be an opportunity, in which the market plan has many different ways for the company can be able to differentiate itself from the competition which includes the quality, ranging, as well as the customer service of the company. (Hagen, 2014) If Tugged is able to implement a successful differentiation plan it would be an opportunity for the company to be able to compete in an oligopoly market.

There are many potential threats that would happen, one of the biggest proposed threat to the company is trying to regret the company’s market brand as well as being able to correct the company’s performance in the market place in which Tugged is currently trying to fix the problem. (Hill, 2014) There are many strengths and weakness as well as opportunity as well as proposed threats that many occur moving the company back to the United States or leaving the company in South Korea.

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