Teenagers and Computer Games Essay

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In modern society. it is really common playing computing machine games. Even though computing machine games are common in our life. they have non merely good effects. but besides bad effects. particularly to adolescents. Furthermore. even though parents know that adolescents play computing machine games excessively much.

they do non cognize that why adolescents are widely excited at computing machine games. and what the bad effects of computing machine games are. There are two chief causes that adolescents play computing machine games excessively much. In add-on. playing computing machine games excessively much has two chief effects.

The first ground that adolescents play computing machine games excessively much is really simple. because computing machine games are really fun. Computer games’ aims focal point on to alleviate emphasis. Therefore. computing machine games are really glorious and exciting. Clearly. adolescents are dazzled to computing machine games because of this point.

In add-on to merriment. computing machine games are easy to pass clip and immerse.

Teenagers’ thought has non formed wholly yet. hence. they easy lose their thought while they are playing computing machine games. This province makes that easy to pass clip. Furthermore. adolescents are easy immersed to computing machine games. as computing machine games make brumous adolescents. These two causes affect that adolescents play computing machine games excessively much.

Short Essay On Computer Games

Adolescents are excited to computing machine games because computing machine games are really fun. and besides computing machine games could pass clip and plunge really easy. Furthermore. computing machine games affect severely to adolescents.

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Besides. computing machine games affect that adolescents be lazy and do merely thing that they want. Computer games are inactive activity. Teenagers merely remain at place and sit in forepart of computing machines. On the land of that ground. adolescents become lazy. Furthermore. adolescents become as an egoist. Even if adolescents should make something. they do non make that. because they do non desire do that. In brief. adolescents become lazy and self-importance. as they play computing machine games excessively much.

The 2nd consequence of computing machine games is that computing machine games make adolescents more violent and misconstruing that they are characters of the games. Computer games are really violent now yearss and adolescents become violently while they play computing machine games. Harmonizing to P. M. Greenfield. who wrote “Mind and Media” . said in her book. “Video games have violent content ; Television has violent content ; amusing books had violent content ; films have violent content. There has long been the brief that violent content may learn violent behaviour” ( “Mind and Media” . 102 ) .

Furthermore. Barrie Gunter asserted. “Extrapolating … from playing computing machine or picture games with violent subjects. such as heightening of perceptual experiences hazard or danger in the existent universe. ” ( “The effects of video games on children” . 90 ) . Besides he declared in same book. “The power of picture or computing machine games may besides deduce signifier the feeling of control which they stimulate in immature players” ( 93 ) . Therefore. computing machine games drive adolescents more violent. Besides. adolescents could misconstrue that they are computing machine games character. For illustration. in Korea. one male child killed his younger sister with and axe. as he thought that it is merely game. In decision. computing machine games affect to adolescents that they become violent and do non cognize which is existent life.

The old causes and effects are bad face of computing machine games. Even if computing machine games have some good effects. in fact. computing machine games have a batch more bad effects than good effects. Therefore. adolescents should be observed. if they play computing machine games excessively much.

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Teenagers and Computer Games Essay
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