Stop Pollution Save Earth

Ways to Stop Pollution

Meaning unclear However, there are still people who do not realize the effects of pollution to everyone’s omit generalized terms life and health until these days in which many nations are experiencing natural disasters such as, change punctuation to colon flash floods, landslide, and global warming and nature extinction. In order to prevent these natural disasters from destroying our planet, pollution should be surmounted. Be specific. Answer these questions when forming thesis: who, what, where, when and why? What type of pollution? For whom? Within the parameters of this short essay, create a clear and defined thesis statement.

Save Earth Save Pollution

When people say pollution, it does not only represent one aspects awkward harassing but it occurs in three types: land, water, and air. The effects of pollution can be so destructive; however, there are ways to prevent these three types of pollution: Narrow to focus on one facet of pollution? Delve into this type of pollution throughout the essay? Land pollution is the destruction of land affecting the land resources and crops including corn, wheat, and rice.

In addition to this, it also weakens roots of big trees and some plantation; it happens when people dispose their thrash word choice? Irresponsibly.

In land pollution, thrash, especially plastic ND metal cans, bury’ on soil awkward phrasing but they do not easily decompose. Soil obtains the harmful chemicals from these non- biodegradable materials insert comma weakening and destroying any plantation. The pace is rapid -? slow the pace and explore this topic further.

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In addition to this, illegal logging also contributes to land pollution. The result of this pollution is visible in a form of landslide. Since roots of the trees are weakening due to plastics’ chemicals meaning unclear, the roots have weak hold on the soil, awkward phrasing which allow the soil awkward phrasing to bud.

In order to prevent this in happening awkward phrasing, a responsible disposing of thrash should be done. Biodegradable materials can be buried on a composite pit, meaning unclear but non-biodegradable material should be reuse, reused? And recycled. Next to land pollution is water pollution. Meaning unclear Water pollution is mostly cause caused by factories that dispose their chemical wastes on seas or any body of water. Awkward sentence structure This act destroys coral reefs that helps maintain the purity Of the waters as well as protection Of aquatic animals that human consumes.

Awkward phrasing On the other hand, not only factories contribute in destroying water bodies, awkward phrasing but as well as citizens who live near waters by, again, disposing their waste irresponsibly on rivers; small marine animals mistaken these wastes as food, hence poisoning them. Awkward sentence structure A wise way to help improving the cleanliness of the water awkward phrasing is to create an association that maintains oceans, seas, or rivers to collect the thrash they find on the shore, before any marine animals could get harmed.

Awkward phrasing Lastly is air pollution. Sentence fragment Burning of plastic and using appliances are some of the major causes of air pollution. Sentence fragment Burning of plastic and appliances such as, refrigerator and air conditioner, release chlorofluorocarbon (CUFF) reacting with the chemical composition of the ozone layer creating a hole on it. Sentence fragment This result to the thinning of the ozone layer, awkward phrasing hence making human more exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays emerging from the sun.

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