How To Save The Environment Essay

Nowadays, one of the important challenge of humanity is many threats that involved our environment. Green house gases, fumes or many harmful chemical productions have destroyed our natural of the world. From my point of you, many operations could be done to prevent these destruction. Some of these advises are discussed. To begin with, one of the important issues in our world is increase of green house gases. Green house gases have harmed our environment specially the ozone layer.

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Many operations have done for reducing of these gases.

Scientists try to make new machine that it does not produce fumes or harmful gases, but new machines just pour out useful gases for natural such as hydrogen. Most of the old factories have produced green house gases more than acceptable level and they should renew. There for, in future, new machines and factories would produce gases that should be harmony with nature.

Another useful way to reduce these gases is trees because a tree can reduce these gases.

The cultivation of trees in their environment is a good way to reduce green house gases. Moreover, many of production used these days has damage the nature or not decompose. Many factories have ruined the local river by dumping the chemicals into rivers. These wastes have been dangerous and they threaten many beings. Nowadays, many rubbishes has found in many rivers and mountains that do to decay.

It is important to clear up mountains and rivers from wastes and rubbishes; also, the government should prevents all factories from dumping chemicals into river.

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In summary, our environment has been threatened by much pollution that have made by us. If we open our eyes, then recognize that it will be a major problem for health of beings in future. Many of factories should be renewable and our nature should maintain clean if health of us is important.

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