Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis





This paper will conduct a stakeholder analysis of all the possible stakeholders at the Democratic-Republican National Convention. It will use the nine-step approach, in the analysis. This approach is comprehensive in identifying the stakeholders, the level of interest they hold, and their consequent priorities. It also identifies the stakeholders’ concerns, and possible claims they may make to the organization. In addition, this approach enables the organization to take a realistic look at its abilities to perform its duty, by conducting a SWOT analysis, and determining its strategies and policies.

The approach requires that one provide the necessary recommendations, based on his or her findings.

Stakeholder Analysis

Part 1

Describe and define your organization

The organization that I am conducting the stakeholder analysis is Democratic-Republican National Convention. It is a non-profit organization. As Miami-Dade Police Department, our job and our top concern is to ensure that all citizens and delegates are secure and protected. The current mission of the police department during the convention is to ensure that all the protestors, activists, and any other people who may have ill intentions do not disrupt the convention or cause any harm to anybody.

Identify the key stakeholders

The key stakeholders include the delegates, visitors to the convention, police officers and other law enforcement agencies such as secret service agents and officers from the department of homeland security, the mayor and other local government officials, hospitals, the city’s correctional facilities, journalists and other media personnel, protestors, activists, motorists, and the city residents.

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There are both internal and external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders are the mayor, delegates, visitors to the convention, and other local government officials. The external stakeholders are the journalists and other media personnel, activists, protestors, motorists, and the city residents. The stakeholders can be claimants or influencers.

Identify the stakeholders’ interests and concerns

The stakeholders are interested in ensuring the success of the convention. They expect the convention to proceed as smoothly as possible, with minimal interference. These interests are somewhat similar to the interests of the police department, but the department is more concerned with ensuring the safety of all the people, rather than in ensuring that the proceedings of the conventions go smoothly. The concerns that are of utmost importance to the organization are security matters. The department wants to enhance the security and minimize all possible threats. The stakeholders concerns regarding the proceedings of the convention are not pertinent to the organization since they are political in nature

Identify the claims that stakeholders are likely to make on the organization

The stakeholders are more likely to claim that the organization provides enough security for the delegates and visitors in the convention. Their claims are legitimate because this is the initial role and responsibility of the organization. The organization will be at the forefront in ensuring that it meets these claims. Failure to do so would reflect irresponsibility and incompetence on the part of the organization. It would lessen the chances of success of the convention, and it would enhance security threats on all the people. There is also a high chance that the demonstrations from the protestors would lead to increased violence. If I do consider these claims, I will ensure that the convention is successful and that the people support other conventions in the city in the future.

Identify the stakeholders that are most important to your organization

All the stakeholders are pertinent to my organization, since I have to ensure that they are all protected and secure. Failure to protect any of the stakeholder, whether internal or external, would reflect badly on the organization

Conduct a SWOT analysis of your organization

One of the strengths of my organization is that it has enough resources, which include personnel, equipment, and the necessary tools, to handle any problem that might arise. The people at my organization have the willingness, ability, and the qualifications needed, and I do not foresee any problems in that end. One possible weakness is that my organization does not have prior experience dealing with such an event. It has not dealt with an event of such magnitude previously. The organization can exploit several opportunities. For instance, it can take advantage of the numerous security personnel that will be present during the occasion. It can learn valuable security lessons from the federal security agents. The other opportunity that the organization can exploit is to request for more security funds for the organization. The organizers of the conference can add increased funds towards ensuring the success of the convention. The possible threat facing my organization is the likelihood of a terror attack occurring. I foresee this as the major threat. Other threats include the possibility of dealing with violent protestors

Determine organizational strategy

The organization will use the strengths it has to ensure that it provides the topmost security to the delegates and other stakeholders. Since lack of experience is the principal weakness facing the organization, the organization will request for services from other security personnel in another state, who has had prior experience organizing the security details at such events. It will request these services some time before the convention begins, to allow enough time for the officers to train. The organization will conduct a campaign several weeks before the convention, whose main purpose will be to inform all the people of the expected behavior, and the consequences they will face if they fail to adhere to the rules. In case any of the threat occurs, the organization has informed all the institutions dealing with emergency cases, such as hospitals, to be ready for any eventualities

Determine organizational policy

Maximum attainment of peace during the convention

Recommend specific action

The organization’s education campaigns will ensure that everyone know of their roles and responsibilities during the convention. It will mobilize all the security personnel from within, and outside the city. It will enlist the services of other personnel who have had prior experience in managing the security detail at the convention.

Part 2

Student sample paper 1- Renita Harris

I like the way she has written the abstract, explaining the paper’s contents. I also like the way she has organized the paper, since this makes it easy to follow. She has been able to identify the possible stakeholders during the convention. Her organization’s SWOT analysis has considered all possibilities. However, I feel that she could have done more to ensure that she deals with the weakness facing the organization. I also noticed that she has used sexist language in her paper, that is the use of the word ‘man power’, which eliminates the possibility of female security personnel.

Student sample paper 2- Patricia Jefferson-Shaw

The use of numbers and bulleted points makes the paper easy to follow and understand. She has identified specific stakeholders, and I like her inclusion of the fire department, which will help in case of any emergencies. I agree with most of what she has written. However, she has failed to show how the stakeholders’ interests and concerns are different from those of the organization. I do not agree with her as concerns the lack of importance of some of the external stakeholders, since the organization is supposed to ensure the security of everyone present.

Student sample paper 3- Deborah S. Smith

I like her use of the key stakeholders’ map, which simplifies the identification of all personnel in the organization. She has included a lot of information, beginning with the organization’s role and mission. This makes the reader feel that she is part of the organization and that she understands her role well. I feel that her work would have been easy to follow had she included some headlines to show the different sections.

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