Firm's Stakeholder Understanding

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Secondary stakeholders c. Primary stakeholders d. Investors e. Customers 4. A firm that makes use of a recognizes other stakeholders beyond investors, employees, and suppliers, and explicitly acknowledges the ;o-way dialog that exists between a firm’s internal and external environments. A. Stakeholder model of corporate governance b. Stakeholder bias c. Code of ethics d. Stakeholder interaction model e. Corporate interface model 5. The degree to which a firm understands and addresses stakeholder demands can be referred to as a. A stakeholder orientation.

A shareholder orientation. C. The stakeholder interaction model. D. A two-way street. E. A continuum. 6. Which of the following is not a method typically employed by firms when researching relevant stakeholder groups? A. Surveys b. Focus groups . Internet searches d. Press reviews e. Guessing 7. A stakeholder orientation can be viewed as a(n) a. Necessity for business success. B. Continuum. C. Popularizing concept. D. Good marketing ploy. E. Expensive proposition. 8. Shareholders provide resources to an organization that are critical to long term success.

Which of the following does the book suggest that suppliers offer? A. The promise of customer loyalty b. Material resources and/or intangible knowledge c. Infrastructure d. Revenue e. Leadership skills 9. Which of the following is not associated with the stakeholder interaction model? A. Involves a two-way relationship between firm and stakeholders b. Recognizes the input of investors, employees, and suppliers c. Explicitly acknowledges dialogue with a firm’s internal environment d. Explicitly acknowledges dialogue with a firm’s external environment e.

Accountability, oversight, and control all fall under the definition and implementation of corporate a.

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Profit. B. Loyalty. C. Care. D. Governance. E. Diligence. 15. Major corporate governance issues normally involve the response that is most correct) a. Strategic-level b. Tactical-level c. Divisional-level d. Marketing-level e. Accounting-level decisions. (Choose 16. Which of the following is a major ethical concern among corporate boards of directors? A. Compensation b. The non-traditional directorship approach c. Dividend reporting d. Corporate social audits e. Debt swaps 17.

Which Of The Following Is Not Associated With The Stakeholder Interaction Model?

One policy to address the issue of executive pay was implemented by J. P. Morgan, it stated that a. There should be no limit on what top executives can earn. B. Managers should earn no more than twenty times the pay of other employees. C. Top managers should make the same amount as other employees. D. Employees can determine how much managers make. E. The government should determine the worth of each manager’s service. 18. The specific steps for implementing the stakeholder perspective do not include which of the following? A. Identifying stakeholder groups b. Identifying stakeholder issues c.

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Firm's Stakeholder Understanding
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