Narrative Technique In Sons And Lovers

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The appeal of the novel hinges primarily on its narrative structure,” Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement. Narrative structure of a novel is primarily responsible for appeal of novel for reader. Essentially narrative structure encompasses the themes and the plot of the story. Prose writers feel strongly about issues that they want to sensitizes the reader to. However appeal of a novel requires use of narrative techniques not only structure such as style, setting and characterization. In D.

Essay Example on Son And Lover

H Lawrence novel, Son’s and Lovers, his semi auto- biographic work, he bring across to readers his negative feeling towards his father and his feeling towards his over bearing mother. Lawrence narrative is designed for readers to interpret characters and events and draw own conclusions based on how he presents them. Lawrence characters plays a major role in bringing across his different perspective of themes to readers. As said by Haircut (2012), “the main force of D.

H. Lawrence novels is always located in characters.

Lawrence uses narrative structure to portray to readers effectively background and circumstances which Paul grew up in whilst at same time alluding to themes of novel. Lawrence decides to break up the novel into two parts in order for the reader to understand the environment in which Paul grows up in. The first part effectively brings across to us a dysfunctional family with an array of problems including an overbearing mother, a deadbeat father and also creation of strong matriarchal influence on the children.

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The second part wows us Paul as a young adult and the challenges he faces. The main issue presents to reader the detrimental effect of Gertrude smothering ways, have in preventing Paul from forming long lasting relationships with Marina and Clara. Lawrence narrative structure pivots characterization of characters as an essential part of readers’ interpretation of the themes in the novel. Two themes presented to readers in the novel are masculinity and social class structure.

In my interpretation of the novel Lawrence allows to juxtapose different prospects of what a man is. Mrs.. Morel idea of what a man is or rather her viewpoint of masculinity stems from her father of being able to provide for family, intellectual and well mannered. Mr.. Morel on the other hand provides us with a different viewpoint of masculinity of simplicity, great physical presence, natural warmth and lack of education. Additionally the disunity that arises between Gertrude and Walter must be seen as a union doomed to fail because of differences in social class.

The incompatibility and separation of their viewpoint of Gertrude and Walter is best shown by this nine said by Gertrude, “The estrangement between them caused him knowingly or unknowingly grossly to offend her where he would have not have done. ” Lawrence effectively displays a viewpoint that people of different classes are unable to coexist. Lawrence narrative technique may not be explicit In saying openly his feeling as plot unfolds however his style is effective in creating appeal and intrigue for the reader. The plot unfold with great detail placed also on explanation of setting particularly the “Burrows”.

The use of setting by Lawrence to allow readers to be able to clearly identify environment and what social class of society, the people of “Burrows” represent. Lawrence style in terms of language of characters in the play emphasize difference in society with elite speaking with fluency and using proper English whilst most denizens of mining town speaking rough and dialectal variation. Novels require prose writes to use more than narrative structure to create appeal for readers. Writers must use narrative techniques to express and bring across their viewpoint, their narrative structure.

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