A Study of the Stylistic Technique of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne’s behavior of his aunts in real life can be seen from side to side his narrator’s move toward to Hepzibah, for example. He often teasingly tease his aunts about their single status just as the narrator mocks Hepzibah. Yet Hawthorne’s come within reach of to such women, though tongue in cheek, is understanding as well. Women often fall wounded to alarming patriarchies, and even though his heroines give the feeling powerless, Hawthorne’s women lead small revolutions within their own family next to influential male figures that change their community and, debatably, the entire American culture.

though Hawthorne has often been criticize for his vagueness about women’s public roles in society he give somebody a talking to them for writing fiction that he careful middling and pass judgment on activists for women’s rights such as Margaret Fuller. He is not a conservative in his fiction when it comes to women’s issues. Making female protagonists central figures in his fiction alone substantiates his pioneering imagination as an artist since dynamic fictional female characters were rare in early American fiction.

The bonds between age band of women in Hawthorne’s fiction are symbols which direct future generations of heroines to develop an artistic emotional retort that will lead to the fruition of their full possible as women.

Hawthorne’s intentions as an author are wide-ranging and possibly will never be entirely understandable. Critical standpoint allows the understanding audience to take to mean textual meaning from different critical angles.

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on the other hand, there is also the question of how characters and narrators within the text understand meaning from the text itself. This issue will be the focus of the residue of the study: how female characters exchange a few words with one another within the text, and how these characters come to an sympathetic of the symbolic implication of their feminine ancestors. from beginning to end his narrators, Hawthorne was not only addressing a general reading spectators but also an audience within the text that includes female characters. Studies such as Michael Dunne’s Hawthorne’s Narrative Strategies and Bercovitch’s The Office of the Scarlet Letter offer scholars a narrative viewpoint through which they can view Hawthorne’s texts; they particularly deliberate on the female perspective in the author’s fiction.

Dunne, for example, analyzes Hawthorne’s story technique and questions the narrator’s standpoint in The Scarlet Letter. Some scholars normally focus on how the reading audience interprets Hester’s return to Boston, critics must also keep in mind what this return suggests to the narrator and the characters within the narrative. While Bercovitch quarrel that Hester’s return shows her disobedience to the Puritan community. Pearl perceives not only Hester’s actions, but mother’s implication as a symbol. Hester, may have been more worried with her own daughter’s opinion of her mother than with the town’s decision of her. There is a symbolic language among women.

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