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This case analysis is going to be examining ethical Issues associated with the popular social Medals In the last two decades, hitting tremendous growth, thanks to the Introduction of websites such as Faceable and Twitter, as well as the Increased adoption of internet capable cell phones. Millions of people rely on Social Media today for social interaction, as it provides a convenient means to share information, chat with friends, and maintain ever expanding networks and contacts, all in one package.

Many people consider their online presence a crucial part of their identity, irking hard to build and maintain the information they choose to share on these Medias. However, Social Medals are often seen as a pervasive part of our lives, and for all the benefits they offer to an Increasingly global society, there will always be a dark side to examine.

In particular, this analysis will discuss the effect Social Media has had on personal relationships and interaction between users, privacy issues, cyber-bullying etc. Social Media and Unfaithfulness Cheating is a very serious ethical issue.

Whether the cheating refers to cheating on a posse or significant other or cheating on a paper or homework assignment, cheating Is wrong. Modern technologies have made cheating In any form much easier for people. There have been accounts of cheating in relationships far longer than social networking sites, like Faceable/Twitter, have been around, the launch of these sites has only made it easier for these people to cheat.

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These Medias connect people throughout the world together and allows them to chat with private messages, view pictures of other people, and even video chat with them, all without anybody seeing NY of what they are doing.

Privacy Issues With Social Media Essay

They also make It easier to meet new people that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise connected with. The news and media have helped open up people’s eyes to see how easy it is for somebody to cheat on a social networking site like Faceable/Teller. There have been photos put in the media that contain private messages of a husband or wife asking another person to have an affair with them or flirtatious messages and pictures sent back and forth. Another form of cheating that is only made easier by the use of Social Medias Is cheating on Issues such as homework, papers, and work. A recent study found that 85. % of students use a social networking site. They may find somebody who has previously taken the course who can give those copies of all of the old assignments and exams or they may find someone who is willing to do the work for them in a particular class. There are even groups and applications designed to help make finding these people easier. Effects on Teen Social interactions Social Medal has had a huge Impact on the way people interact with each other. Before the Internet and social networking sites, people’s mall forms of immunization were telephones, letters, and most commonly face-to-face interactions.

Teens have had the largest impact on social interactions with the new age of technology. A study completed about social anxiety and technology shows that ten’s social interactions are greatly affected by the use of technology and sites. Seventy-four percent of high school students that participated in the study claim to use a social networking site. The study has suggested that using modern technology with others face-to-face. The study also show a lower level of stress when the teens ere interacting with people online (Pierce, 2009).

Teens are in the stage of their lives where they are still developing socially and learning how to interact with others. The more a teen communicates with others using a form of technology, the less chances they have to communicate face-to-face and develop strong personable skills. The teens who are using networking sites and testing as their main sources of communication are feeling more anxious when interacting face-to-face because they have not yet developed all of the necessary skills to do so. Social Media and Privacy There are many privacy issues surrounding the Social Medias.

Recently, these privacy issues have affected newly graduating college students. It has become a common trend for Jobs to invade applicants’ privacy by using their social accounts to pass judgments about them. This has caught many off guard, as the employers have been asking for their social network passwords during the interview process. “Employers may take the perspective that they need to know not only their potential employee’s work-related skills and abilities but also the characteristics and traits that indicate he person’s capability of being a good, reliable employee.

Many employers claim that Social Network provides insight about those traits” (Pike, 1). Sources are now suggesting advice to people searching for Jobs. Their advice is to limit what you are posting on social networks. Another privacy issue that has come about is the tagging feature the social network has. People on Social Networks have the ability to tag others to photos and other posts without their knowledge. These tagged photos and posts then appear on the tagged person’s page. This can create issues of privacy.

There have been plenty of times people have been out placing or doing certain actions they would not want to be posted. They are posted anyway without their knowledge. Cyber-Bullying Another popular issue with Social Media is cyber-bullying. Schools have recently been in a constant battle to try to avoid and prevent cyber-bullying from occurring. “Bullying can be defined as a prolonged mistreatment by a person who harbors malicious intentions and who is perceived to be more powerful than the victim of abuse (Hindu & Patching, 2007).

Face-to-face (FT) bullying can be carried out hectically, verbally or relationally (Woods & Wolfe, 2004)” (Swan & Koori, 1). This definition is from a time before bullying moved to the platform of social networks on the internet. Social Medias like Faceable, Youths have now become one of the most used platforms to bully others. Boys bully more than girls according to statistics. With the networks allowing users to upload videos to their websites and tag others to it, many fights have been recorded and posted on the Media.

These videos of fights have begun to lead to legal consequences involving the police and the school. It is aid that through social networks, where people are not face-to-face, people that who usually would not get involved in bullying of other do. This is a problem that has been being addressed, but there needs to be more done to prevent this issue from happening as often as it does. Business Practices Social Medias’ business practices sometimes annoy people. Because most of its revenue comes from advertisements and people don’t want to see it on their news feed. Some people don’t care, some people do.

So the businesses use one person’s ethical it is to use somebody information for taking the business to them. From the business’s perspective, they have to earn money and there’s no policy against it so far to stop using private information. According to The New York Times (2012),” Ads that pop up on your screen might seem useful, or at worst, a nuisance. But they are much more than that. The bits and bytes about your life can easily be used against you. Whether you can obtain a Job, credit or insurance can be based on your digital doppelgänger ? and you may never know why you’ve been turned down. People can hide their information by using privacy settings. But the problem is these sites mutinously changing its appearance and themes. So it gets changed, all the previous settings get changed with it as well. For many people it is really hard to keep track when to change the settings. So if they change their setting once they think it is safe but they don’t realize that when the new themes come up they have to change it again. So their information remains unprotected. For example, when Faceable introduced timeline, its features were similar to the old Faceable.

But now every time someone changes their profile picture it automatically sets it up as public and people onto know about it. So anybody has access to it and can use it however they want, which is very crucial because bad people can harm others through cyber bullying using their pictures and there is hardly any way to figure out who did this. Recommendation At this backdrop it is really questionable whether Social Medias need to be criticized or appreciated. It has spread like virus. But some courses of actions like arranging awareness seminar, webzines etc. Would help people to understand and set their privacy.

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