Six Years Harlan Coben Summary

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The book Six Years, written by New York Times best seller: Harlan Coben, is a mystery romance novel. It is titled Six Years as it has been that time period since Jake Fisher watched the love of his life, Natalie, marry another man. He attended the reception promising her he would leave her and Todd alone forever. Throughout the many years, Jake still believes the love he experienced with Natalie was like no other. To escape from a broken heart, Jake buries himself in his career as a college professor.

One day, Jake stumbles across the obituary of Todd Sanderson, Natalie’s husband. Jake decides to attend the funeral in hopes to see her. At the funeral, he discovers that the wife grieving over Todd isn’t Natalie. Jake begins to ask questions. Everyone denies that Natalie even exists. Jake desperately goes on a search to find the love of his life. The book is definitely a page tuner and many agree that Coben does a fantastic job in grabbing the attention of his readers.

In truth, the book Six Years is not a good read. Firstly, the main characters drive to find the women he loves is completely out of proportion. Secondly, the author did poorly in his research as some of his information was false. Lastly, the ending of the book was dull and disappointing.

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Six Years is not a book readers would suggest firstly because of the main characters motivation.

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Throughout the book Jake’s main goal was to get back his love, Natalie Avery.”I sat in the back pew and watched the only women I would ever love marry.” (Coben 1) Readers would question why on earth someone would possibly watch someone they want to be with, marry someone else. Secondly, Jake fisher watched the entire ceremony and never once attempted to stop Natalie from marrying the other man. That day she approached him at the wedding, Jake asks her, “And you still love me.”(Coben 7) She replies to him saying that she no longer does. In addition, she makes him promise to leave her and her hus…

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